Keeping Your Home Comfortable and Functional

21 January 2022

When it comes to home improvement and home design, most of us focus on aesthetics. This isn’t all too surprising - and who can blame us? We want our homes to look great. They’re the spaces that reflect us, our tastes and our interests. They’re the spaces that we spend a lot of time in and we want to spend time somewhere we think looks lovely. They’re the spaces we spend the most money on, so we want to retain their value and get the most out of them. 

But it’s also important to remember that functionality and comfort are integral parts of home design too - very much for the same reasons. You want your home to be an enjoyable, easy and cosy space to spend time in and you’re going to have to put some active effort into achieving this. If you’re unsure where to start, here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Tackle Repairs Head On

One thing that can make your home uncomfortable or unpleasant to spend time in is damage or issues that impact your day to day life. Some are more serious and urgent than others, but all should be tackled as soon as you notice them. If your bathroom tap is leaking, it’s a good idea to call in a plumber who can resolve this easily before it turns into a major leak. 

If your hot water has cut out, contact Anytime Hot Water to resolve the issue and you’ll be having a hot shower or bath before you know it. If you notice damage to your roof, call a roofer before bad weather strikes and you experience leaks and potential electrical damage. If you have electrical problems, call an electrician immediately, as this can pose a safety or fire risk.

Invest in Storage Solutions

A key factor that makes a lot of homes uncomfortable is clutter. Having mess around you can prove overwhelming and can make it difficult to relax in a space. Decluttering is an important step in resolving this, but once you’ve decluttered, you need to make sure that you have clever storage solutions for the items you do use and want to keep. 

There are countless options out there - and the best for you will depend on what you want to store. From shelves to floating cabinets, underbed storage and more, it’s worth browsing the different options available to you and trying a few out.

Renovation Work

If you want structural changes made to your home, but are reluctant to go through the process of moving house, you may want to consider renovation work. This will likely be costly, but it can make your home work for you. Whether that’s an extension that will give you a guest room, home office or extra bedroom, or a conversion that will make use of disused space in your home, renovations tend to be more than worth the investment.