How to Keep Your Living Room Organised

4 February 2022

Ok, so no one wants to make more work for themselves. The simpler things can be, the better. That’s the same attitude to have when it comes to keeping your space organised. If you can institute a few new practices that are easy to keep up with, you will never find yourself buried underneath a mound of clutter that will drive you crazy. The best place to start is with the place you spend the most time: the living room.

Organise Your Remotes

How many times has someone said to you, “Where’s the remote?” Let your remotes live in one place. Go to a home organisation store and find a small box or fashionable container to put your remotes. Get in the habit of using the remote then putting it back so that whenever you need it, you know where to get it and it won’t fall between the cushions or under the furniture. If you can, get a universal remote control to knock down the number of remotes you have. You can get them for the TV, cable, or your streaming device. You can even get them for your air conditioner as well.

Ditch the Pillows

Too many pillows mean too many things to keep after. Your couch does not need that many pillows. Nine times out of ten, you throw them off to the side anyway. For decorative purposes, have a couple pillows on the couch to make the room look nice, but for functionality, don’t add any more. Pillows become collectors of dust, they get sat on and bent out of shape, and they fall on the floor and you trip over them.

Fewer pillows also mean less clutter and that will make your living room look more organised.

Declutter the Walls

Too many photos will hurt your brain. Honestly, when there are too many things that capture your eye’s attention, your brain can get over-stimulated and you will find it hard to concentrate. Clear the walls around your television so that when you are looking at the TV your eyes can focus on the screen and not what is hanging around the set.

A room can look too busy with too much wall art, so be as minimalistic as possible with your wall decor so that the living room looks open and airy. If you own a lot of wall art, great, rotate it throughout the year to give your room the constant feeling of renewal and newness.

Make Space Where You Can

Do you really need a coffee table? Can you go without one to give the room more space to move around and not give it the feeling of being closed in? The more space, the better. The fewer things in the room to organise means more time enjoying the room.

By making these few changes, you will be able to keep the room organised with very little effort. Now the living room will become your favourite place in the house.