How to Include Your Teeth in Your Beauty Routine

21 April 2022

When we talk about beauty, we’re usually talking about things like skincare, hair, and makeup. However, your smile is just as much a part of your look as anything else, so it deserves some attention, as well. If you feel like your teeth have been letting you down a little, lately, then it might be time to take a closer look. No matter how bad things might seem, there’s always a way to improve.

Don’t Skip Any Part of the Routine

It’s time to look at your oral health routine and to make sure that you’re not missing any part of it. This means more than just brushing in the morning and after your meals. It also means that you’re flossing your teeth by any means necessary. If you really hate the idea of using floss so much, you can also use water flossers that can be just as effective. 

Most importantly, you should be seeing your dentist for a routine checkup and the regular cleanings that help you keep on top of the plaque and tartar that you don’t remove from your teeth.

Get a little Brighter

If you’re getting a little bummed out by any discolouration, that’s entirely understandable. Not having those pearly whites can make you a little shy with your smile, which can affect your ability to be confident and express yourself. 

However, there are plenty of teeth whitening kits that you can use at home, as well as in-chair whitening treatments you can get from the dentist. Most will recommend that you get a mixture of both to ensure that you get as many shades brighter as you can. You should also try to avoid the foods and habits like smoking that cause discolouration.

What if the Damage is Already Done?

If you have a chip, a crack, or even a missing tooth or two, it can feel like the attempt to restore your smile is a little hopeless. But that is not the case, even though it may not be the cheapest route there is. There are veneers you can slip over your teeth for instance and, for more extensive damage, dental crowns can serve as a perfectly authentic looking replacement for a real tooth. Even teeth that are entirely missing can be repaired with an implant and a crown on top of it.

Don’t Skew Your Perspective

Another problem that can feel a little overwhelming is if you grew up with teeth that are a little on the crooked side. Alignment problems are most often treated in childhood but that doesn’t mean that you suddenly become unable to do anything about them once you become an adult. There are treatments from traditional braces to invisible aligners that can allow you to go around, fixing your teeth while still being discreet about it.

You can restore and improve your smile, but you generally should try to start as soon as possible to prevent things from getting any worse.