4 Signs It's Time to Redo the Bathroom

12 May 2022

Are you thinking about selling your home? When it comes to that time and you have spent some years in the home you’re currently in, you might want to look around and see what you can repair and upgrade to up the value of the house. 

The kitchen is always the first place people look at when they consider home upgrades. From the appliances and the built-in options to upgrading the flooring and the paint colour on the walls, an upgrade to the kitchen can often fetch a much higher value for a home. 

But have you considered your bathroom?

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to rip out the bath and install a walk-in shower, add heating under the tiles or you click here to buy brand-new tiles for the flooring and the walls. 

An upgraded bathroom is going to add value to your home very quickly. The bathroom may be small, but it’s the one room of the home that upgrade can make a massive difference to the sales price. Below, we’ve got four signs it’s time to redo the bathroom.

1. You can see the Damage 

This is a no-brainer – if you want to sell your house it has to look good. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, what would you like them to see when they look around your home? When they walk into the bathroom, are they going to want to buy the house based on the chipped tiles and peeling paint? The answer to that is no. 

If you have mould or water damage, peeling cabinetry or stains on the wall, you need to put in the money to make the repairs. Let’s not forget you’re going to get that investment back when you sell the house.

2. There is No Storage

Selling your house means making upgrades, so while the small cabinets and lack of storage may have been okay for you to live with, you need to create something new that your buyers want to invest in. Older homes tend to have much less counter space in a bathroom, but you can change that to make it more modern. There are more appliances now that you might want space for in bathrooms including hairdryers and straighteners, as well as shavers. If counter space in the bathroom is limited, consider adding shelving!

3. The Shower and Fixtures are Old

 The chances are it’s been a long time since you’ve upgraded your shower to become more powerful and more fun to use. There are so many options for showers today, from wider rainforest shower heads on the shower, different massage functions and even shower heads down the walls so that you can have a spray shower that covers your whole body. Whether they are original to your home or not or you just haven’t replaced them, consider upgrading the shower and see how much of a difference it makes to the value of your home.

It’s Too High Maintenance

If the tiles and flooring in the bathroom are constantly grubby no matter what you do, you need to change. There are some older homes which have carpets in the bathroom and that’s never fun to walk around on. Look at replacing the flooring and see how much of a difference it makes.