Why Your Business Needs Live Chat

5 August 2022

It’s not easy to be 24/7 for your customers, but there are very few other options in a world where everyone is connected. While there will always be a place for social media communications, emails, phone calls and that contact form on your website - it is an automated chat that gives the most bang for its buck.

So why should you integrate live chat tool for website?

Questions - Answered

Your website should have enough information and an intuitive FAQ section that helps people find the information they need at speed.

Your chatbot will support people who can’t find the answers and maybe those who just don’t want to search.

Customers no longer need to wait 48 hours for an email reply; your chatbot can immediately give them the answers they need. It’s great for you because if it is a question about your products, it can lead to a purchase.


If customers have a bad experience or can’t find what they are looking for, they aren’t likely to return. Chatbots make it easier for people to find what they need, and that ease will translate to an enjoyable experience.

Customers who have a straightforward and enjoyable experience will come back.

In everything you do, you should be looking to create a bond between you and potential customers - always put their satisfaction first, and you’ll find as a customer-centric company, you have higher retention.

Qualify Leads

If you struggle with lead generation, you’ll be happy to know that a chatbot can help you to do some of the qualification processes.

Once engaged, you have the option to have a chatbot that can ask more specific questions about their pain points.

Perhaps more importantly, you can look for specific behaviours and questions and have a real salesperson take over.


Everything you do should be to benefit your business long-term - with your customers in laser focus. Chatbots are easy to implement, and you can even have a company maintain them.

Chatbots are cheaper to run and ultimately allow you to serve your customers 24/7.

Real customer services can’t serve hundreds of people at once; they can help one or two very well. Anything more, and they are stretched. Your chatbot can handle thousands of requests simultaneously, and the software will continue.


A chatbot can give you a greater insight into what people are asking. From those questions, you might find a way to improve your websites, provide better information, and perhaps more importantly - if they ask about something you don’t have, it might be time to get that in the works.


Perhaps one of the most important benefits of a chatbot is that research shows that chatbots can increase sales - and not by an insignificant amount. Your chatbot can help people decide about a product or a service or show them something they hadn’t considered.

Chatbots are a multifunctional tool that allows you to work on other things in your business - and let’s not forget that when it comes to branding, your chatbot can have a tone of voice and style that fits your business exactly.

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