Are Carpets Really Worth The Hassle?

2 November 2022

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Carpeted flooring is not without its pros and cons. When you’re looking for new ways to style or improve your home, you might turn your attention to flooring. Is it worth getting some new carpets in to jazz up your property or are they best avoided?

One of the great things about carpets is that they come in so many varieties. They’re also quite a bit cheaper than some of the other flooring options and much easier for you to rip up, remove and replace. In theory, you could have a different carpet for every season - if you want to go to that much effort!

But, are they worth the hassle they bring?

What’s Wrong With Carpets?

Mainly, they’re extremely difficult to maintain and look after. Cleaning a carpet requires far more effort and diligence than cleaning laminate or hardwood flooring. You need a vacuum that’s powerful enough to suck up the dirt and debris that gets rooted in the carpet fibres. Then, you also need to find a way to freshen up the carpet as it can get really smelly over time. Just when you think the task is over, you should hire a professional company like Refresh Carpet Cleaning to do a deep cleaning of your carpets once a year.

If you do all of this, you should keep your carpet in excellent condition all-year-around!

Why Are Carpets So Hard to Look After?

Honestly, it’s down to the material. Carpets are made from synthetic and natural fibres, which helps them be all soft and fluffy. Unfortunately, this also makes it easier for dirt, pet fur and anything else you can think of to get stuck within the fibres. Other flooring options are just a hard surface, so dust and dirt resting on the top can be sucked up or swept away.

Plus, carpets aren’t waterproof, so any stains will seep into the fibres and leave a lasting mark - unless you know how to act quickly!

Are They Worth the Hassle?

Yes and no!
Carpets still have some benefits that make them a really fantastic flooring choice in certain rooms. For instance, the comfort and insulative properties make them perfect for bedrooms. They can also add a sense of cosiness to living areas, particularly during the colder periods of the year.

However, it’s definitely not worth having carpet throughout your home. A few carpets in some rooms will be easier to maintain - particularly if you clean them regularly anyway. But, you can avoid a lot of hassle if you opt for different flooring choices in other rooms. For example, your bathroom and kitchen should never have carpets as this is a disaster waiting to happen. Dining areas don’t need them either and hallways are a toss-up.

So, yes, carpets do require a great deal of maintenance when compared to other flooring types. However, they offer a level of comfort that can’t be matched. I think they’re worth the hassle in certain rooms, but not in others. Of course, the choice is yours!