How To Change Your Jewellery-Buying Habits

2 November 2022

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A lot of us have really bad habits when buying jewellery. Think about it, how much jewellery do you actually own? Go and look at everything you currently have and tell me if you think that’s reasonable. Some of us have hundreds of different pieces all jumbled together that, let’s be honest, we won’t wear. Most of the time, we pick the same four or five pieces, rendering the others useless.

It’s time to change our jewellery-buying habits for good. This won’t just free up space on your dressing table - and it won’t just save money - it will help you contribute to a more sustainable jewellery industry.

Stop Buying the Cheap Stuff

Cheap jewellery is super popular because…well…it’s cheap. Why wouldn’t you buy a $5 ring instead of a $50 one? It seems like perfectly logical and savvy behaviour, right?

Unfortunately, you fall into the old fast fashion trap here of buying loads of cheap stuff just because it’s cheap. You end up with loads of cheap jewellery that you either don’t wear or replace after wearing it a couple of times because it’s so poorly made it breaks. But hey, who cares if it breaks, right? It was cheap so you don’t bother worrying about it. Before you know it, you’ve bought hundreds of pieces of cheap jewellery and spent way more than if you got some slightly more expensive stuff.

At times, investing in higher-quality pieces can be more sustainable and affordable. Also, you get better-looking jewellery that makes all of your outfits a little bit better.

Buy Jewellery That Means Something

I find that the best jewellery is the stuff that has some semblance of meaning behind it. An engagement ring is special because of the love behind it - the same goes for a wedding band, which might look quite bland compared to other rings, but feels more powerful.

Instead of buying any old piece that looks shiny, consider purchasing jewellery that means something. Things like the custom-made necklaces by fit this description perfectly as you get jewellery that has meaning behind it. Every time you wear it it will feel more special - which encourages you to wear it more often, getting more value out of it!

Look for Ethical Jewellery

The jewellery and fashion industries both have really sketchy pasts. In the jewellery world, it’s mainly involving diamonds and other gemstones. They aren’t always mined ethically, meaning you could pay for things that used slave labour to procure.

So, try your best to find ethical jewellery whenever possible. Thankfully, brands that do this will make a big song and dance about it anyway, so it’s impossible to miss!

In summary, you want to focus on buying less jewellery and purchasing more sustainable/ethical jewellery. You’ll find that the pieces you have maybe fewer in quantity than before, but they’re way better in terms of quality. It encourages you to wear them more frequently, getting plenty of positive comments from people as you walk by.