Cheesy Pumpkin Lasagna

30 Mar 2014

This was my first time making lasagna and I'm pleased to say that it turned out delicious, even if there were some issues along the way.

Kitchen Love

29 Mar 2014

Hnnng. It's the wood features, the smeg fridge, the cute appliances, the chunky light, the white faucet and oh god the tiles! The tiles are what really do it. This kitchen is a dream!

Top 5 DIYs of the Week

Payday Wishlist 5/3

5 Mar 2014

I have a much smaller collection of stuff for my wishlist this week.
Does this mean I'm growing as a person and wanting less?

I probably just need to look at more magazines.

Here's the list.

Money Tracking with My Spendee App

4 Mar 2014

I like being organised, and that extends to how I handle my money. 
Now I could be a lot savvier with my spending, I do love my pretty things, decor and clothing. 

But even splurging a little every now and then is okay when I know that I'm saving well. 
I try to save around half of what my income is, in total. I get pretty close, only digging into my savings account if I need money for accommodation or any random situation that was to arise.

That's where Spendee comes in.
You pop in your incomes and expenses, as well as their corresponding dates. Choose a category for each item, you can even put recurring incomes and expenses too. Spendee keeps track of everything in one neat list, sorted by date and in Months. 

Bathroom Organisation: Before & After

2 Mar 2014

Ridiculous Levels of Mess.

I'm sure mostly everyone understands when I say you know what it's like to live with someone who just is so untidy, messy and lazy that you can just never surpass them with your cleaning. 

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