Bathroom Organisation: Before & After

2 March 2014

Ridiculous Levels of Mess.

I'm sure mostly everyone understands when I say you know what it's like to live with someone who just is so untidy, messy and lazy that you can just never surpass them with your cleaning. 

I only live with my Mother & Sister, but I share my bathroom with my sister and it's a nightmare. She just hurricanes in and out and trashes the place. Whether it's with bubble bath, hair dye or glitter hairspray. She's incredibly messy. 

Pictured: A female piggy and a muppet. 

I'm now fearing that that was a bad comparison as Miss Piggy looks like she would be incredibly tidy. 

I have to put up with a super messed up space, that when I clean, is usually reverted back to it's messy ways the next time I'm in there, so let's see how long this lasts. 

There is so much crap in our bathroom cupboards! So many new shampoos and bubble baths, and shower gels, I mean it's good to be prepared but my mum clearly needs to stop buying more shampoo for us, there are currently 7 sets of Shampoo & Conditioner in there, and 4 bottles of Shower Gel. Don't get me started on the 9 face washes. I don't even know how that happened. 

The first thing I did was grab everything from the cupboard and shower, and work out what was empty and throw it out. Then I grabbed stuff that was definitely super old and I threw that out too. My sister wasn't here so I didn't know what face wash she used, and most of them are quite full, so I just left the majority of them in the shower but much neater.

Before (Nightmare) & After 
Phew that was out of the way. We also had two sets of shampoos and conditioners going in the shower at any time. I still don't know which one she uses. Except when it's mine that I put away in the cupboard so that she won't use it but she does anyway. -_-


After (Yes we have Finding Nemo Decals)
I'm loving the cleanliness! One of those shampoos was specifically for blonde hair that my sister had for one day! I put it in the cupboard.

Now for the main messy part. You saw the picture up there, it was a disaster. I went and bought some cheap containers so that I could make it look a little more uniform at least. 

I tried to organise shampoos, conditioners, face washes and shower gels in one section. So basically all shower stuff.  
Cleaning supplies, hair bleach, soap refills and other random stuff in another one.
Little one down the bottom has some listerine, an electric razor I will assume is my sisters, and a shower cap. I managed to actually fit the hair dryer in as well! 
The top right is sprays we might use when doing out hair, and the middle containers has some various items like argan oil for your hair, smoothing gel, deoderant and nair.

And There you have it!
I'm so happy!
Being in a messy environment can make me so stressed and I think that your bathroom should be an area of relaxation. So it definitely is much more now.

Thanks for reading!!

Tegan xx


  1. I shared an apartment with 3 others girls when I was in college. Ours always looked like the before. Even when we organized it. The organization of it sort of made sense to us but if you opened it up you would think that a raccoon had been digging through there. Living on my own, my bathroom looks slightly different.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

  2. I share a flat with two mates who make this bathroom look organised. It was my girlfriend who solved our problem by buying three hanging baskets, which we now all use for out stuff. The brilliant thing about this idea is that I can now have a bath without knocking bottles of shampoo and shaving cream into the water. I have two sisters at home, and I can tell you that boys have more bathroom'junk.'

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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