Wishlist Wednesday 26/2

26 February 2014

Want want want.
Here's this week's Wishlist Wednesday.

These babies will keep your hands warm while not preventing you from using any of your touch screen devices. Love it.

If you haven't listened to their latest album AM you're definitely missing out. Download & jump on board now. Show your support by wearing their tees! I would be linking to their official merch but they've sold out basically all small ladies sizes. Bummer.

I already have the iPad 2 but I have been wanting to upgrade for a while now to one of these. My boyfriend has the iPad mini and they are much easier to hold and deal with than the chunky regular sized iPad. Trust me you don't need the extra screen size.

4. The Philosophy of Time Travel iPad Mini Case! // Etsy
Ha! Wasn't this a tricky one. Everyone thinking I actually want this book for reading. Well in reality I kind of do. But for now, having it as an awesome iPad case would be enough.

5. Talented Totes Riverscapes London Tote Bag // ASOS
I had been thinking about buying a tote bag lately. They're great to stash a heap of things into if you need to hurry off, as well as folding up small into your own purse for if you do some shopping. Saving the environment by using a cute tote bag. I don't mind if I do.

6. Barnes Everyday Boot // Betts
I have wanted some lovely leather black boots for a while now. Ones with a good heel. I believe I have finally found a pair and they are further from $200 than most I come across so that is definitely a plus!

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