Planning Our Overseas Vacation

30 Jul 2014

We have chosen the destination (USA!) and we've chosen the dates (Feb 1st-26th 2015) and now we're just planning out all the bits and pieces and booking. And we are mega excited.

We're still fleshing out all the details but here's a look at the locations that we are pretty sure on for now.

Coffee Table Books

29 Jul 2014

Image via IKEA

My partner and I have already discussed that we would love a sweet little assortment of coffee table books for our living room. I've rounded up a few that would be perfect to start our collection.

Getting My Full License / Removing those Darn P Plates

28 Jul 2014

My P2 license was expiring this month, so I had to finally hurry up and go for my full license.
In case you don't live in Australia, I don't know how learning to drive and such works in other countries, but we have a computer test for our Learners License, we have to drive while with a full license adult for 120hrs, then we go for a physical driving test, we get our P1 license, we drive with that one for 12 months, unsupervised but with some restrictions. The we can do another computer test for our P2 license, which we have for 2 years, with less restrictions, before finally a final computer test and we advance to our final and unrestricted license! What a trip!

I downloaded the pdf file of the full license guide book to read on my iPad and I studied it like a good little girl before booking in for my final exam. Wow I was so sure I had failed, I tapped that it was safe to overtake these bicycles and then oh crap I realised it probably wasn't. And then boom I passed!
Super relieved.

I thought that actually passing the test and getting my license would be the toughest part but boy was I wrong. When you get your L's and P licenses, you have to use a yellow L plate on your car, and then a Red P plate before a Green P plate and then none! You can get plate holders, but wow no I would go the super easy and cheap option and put magnetic plates on my car.  BIG MISTAKE. Do not do this.
My car is black, and during our hot summers they melted firmly onto my cars lovely paintwork.

The 5 Stages of Accepting that I won't be Moving Out this Year.

7 Jul 2014

I've been ready to move out this year for quite a while now, the date kept being pushed further and further away until finally it was set to March 2015 much to my dismay. As we have set our overseas trip to the USA for February 2015 and we (him mainly) decided that money wise, moving in together would be best financially, after we returned.

1. Denial

Clearly I was incredibly upset. This couldn't be happening. I had my sights set on being out before Christmas and now my world was crumbling around me.

2. Anger

How could he do this to me!? I asked him if he would have enough money to travel and move in together this year and his said yes! He got my hopes up so high and sent them absolutely crashing to the ground.

3. Bargaining

We could work this out, I have enough money for the both of us, I can cover us when we move out and still have enough to pay for the holiday expenses. (clearly this was a dumb idea)

4. Depression

Lots of crying, "I'll never get out of here!" & "I'll never get to move out!" & "You're going to keep on moving the date back and back further aren't you!" (He insisted that March is the furthest away it will ever be.) I felt miserable that every time someone would ask now so when are you moving out, I would have to glumly say "Next year." (Isn't that what I said last year?)

5. Acceptance

Even though I can afford both things right now, I know that he can't. In order to have a good holiday we need more time to save towards both things. This will also give me more time to save up even more money for the eventual move. Which is now officially March 2015. The dates weren't being pushed back due to my partner not wanting to live with me, just for money reasons. And if anyone asks when am I moving out of home I can truthfully say that It's been pushed back until after we do our overseas trip.  So it will be alright.

Extra: Click here to watch this cartoon Giraffe going through 5 stages  of Grief as he's stuck in quicksand. ;)

July Goals

3 Jul 2014

Okay so setting monthly goals for myself has been a great idea and it gives me something to work towards which is awesome. I'll be working a bit this month but hopefully I'll find time to complete what I want to.

1. Get My Full License

Holy shit. I actually need to this month. & Before the 24th.

2. No Spend July

Okay so originally & mainly this was just a no buying clothes in July rule. Which I plan to abide by. Unfortunately I work for a clothing store where wearing new stock is kind of expected. But I'm going to do it anyway! No unnecessary expenses.

3. Hit My Savings Target + Go Past it!

I'm so close to hitting my money goal, and then I'm going to add another $5,000 to that goal. I'm planning to go to America in February with the boyfriend. We're currently looking at prices, and I would like to have saved $6,000 on top of my current savings target, which is $10,000!

4. Start Planning & Booking My USA Holiday

I'm super excited for my February holiday, and yesterday we started collecting travel guides and I've been pinning a bunch of stuff on my board "Vacation Time" which you should definitely follow. I'll post some more things about the upcoming trip soon.

5. Cook & Pack Food instead of Buying

Part of my saving money plan includes cooking my own food instead of eating out all the time. Let's cook more food yay!

June Goals - Updated

2 Jul 2014

I set some goals for myself this June, um let's see how I went.

1. Get My Full License - FAIL

Dun dun. Wow I left this to the last month possible. My license expires on July 24th, so I actually need to do it this month without fail. 

2. Monday Morning Body Scrub - DONE

I did do this every week! Go me. I haven't seen that much improvement though in scars or stretch marks but I can keep it up to see if there will be more progress.

3. Save $150 a week - DONE

I totally succeeded with this one too! :) And I'm just going to continue saving towards my goals. 

4. Cull down my Wardrobe - DONE

Okay so even though I did cull down my wardrobe this month, I did spend a bit too much on clothing. So I got rid of a lot of things. I bought quite a bit of stuff too. 

I did fail one of the most important things that I had to do, but I did the other 3, sooo progress?? Yay!

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