July Goals

3 July 2014

Okay so setting monthly goals for myself has been a great idea and it gives me something to work towards which is awesome. I'll be working a bit this month but hopefully I'll find time to complete what I want to.

1. Get My Full License

Holy shit. I actually need to this month. & Before the 24th.

2. No Spend July

Okay so originally & mainly this was just a no buying clothes in July rule. Which I plan to abide by. Unfortunately I work for a clothing store where wearing new stock is kind of expected. But I'm going to do it anyway! No unnecessary expenses.

3. Hit My Savings Target + Go Past it!

I'm so close to hitting my money goal, and then I'm going to add another $5,000 to that goal. I'm planning to go to America in February with the boyfriend. We're currently looking at prices, and I would like to have saved $6,000 on top of my current savings target, which is $10,000!

4. Start Planning & Booking My USA Holiday

I'm super excited for my February holiday, and yesterday we started collecting travel guides and I've been pinning a bunch of stuff on my board "Vacation Time" which you should definitely follow. I'll post some more things about the upcoming trip soon.

5. Cook & Pack Food instead of Buying

Part of my saving money plan includes cooking my own food instead of eating out all the time. Let's cook more food yay!

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