June Goals - Updated

2 July 2014

I set some goals for myself this June, um let's see how I went.

1. Get My Full License - FAIL

Dun dun. Wow I left this to the last month possible. My license expires on July 24th, so I actually need to do it this month without fail. 

2. Monday Morning Body Scrub - DONE

I did do this every week! Go me. I haven't seen that much improvement though in scars or stretch marks but I can keep it up to see if there will be more progress.

3. Save $150 a week - DONE

I totally succeeded with this one too! :) And I'm just going to continue saving towards my goals. 

4. Cull down my Wardrobe - DONE

Okay so even though I did cull down my wardrobe this month, I did spend a bit too much on clothing. So I got rid of a lot of things. I bought quite a bit of stuff too. 

I did fail one of the most important things that I had to do, but I did the other 3, sooo progress?? Yay!

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