Why I Unfriended You

26 Apr 2015

Firstly, people take social media waaay too seriously. They rely on it to feel connected and a social part of society. While at the same time studies are showing that social media is making us depressed as we now are able to compare ourselves to others 24/7 and feel like crap if our witty status didn't get as many likes as you would have hoped.

If you look at my own personal facebook page, the last thing I posted as a status was just hoping everyone was safe in the awful storm that recently hit my hometown and a large chunk of NSW. My facebook page has my workplaces,  but not their whereabouts, a vague mention of my city "Newcastle" and my relationship status. Yes you can google me and find out things, but most of that you'll probably learn from my blog.

Ignoring the fact that I now use Facebook to promote Permanent Procrastination, I use it to keep in touch with friends. Friends by the rough definition of people I actually like and want to keep in contact with. People seem to have a hard time with Facebook, too many people can see their things, (change your privacy settings people!) unwanted comments on posts, (privacy settings again) and then people in real life who you either don't have on Facebook or potentially people who don't even have a Facebook, know what you're up to. Which is just downright creepy.

Now while I can't stop my elderly family members calling each other up and chatting about how I went to see some movie with my longterm partner and seemed to have a good time. (There's worse things that they could be rambling about) I can stop people that I seriously don't like or have no interest talking to from seeing any of my business.

Every now and then I like to scroll through my all of my Facebook friends and ask myself a simple question.

Would I smile and say hello to this person down the street?

It seems dumb but do you know how easy it is to accumulate people on Facebook that you would physically avoid if you saw them in person. Do you actually want those people to know anything about you at all? Because I don't. Screw those guys! People like that only want to know things about you so that they can talk about you to others in some sad jealous way most likely. 

If I don't want to talk to these people in person I definitely don't care what's happening in their lives and could care less if they knew what was going on in mine. I have just over 220+ friends on Facebook and I don't think that your personal profile is a social media site where you should just be collecting people. 

So to answer the opening question, If I don't (or wouldn't) talk to you in person then I don't want you on Facebook.

Cya! xx

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Hair Colour Inspiration

21 Apr 2015

I have dark chocolate hair at the moment, and I do love it. I'm always gaining inspo from other ladies who rock short bangs with dark hair and I love how that looks.

I just started getting my hair cut at a new place that is fantastic. It's on Darby Street and called Shag Hair. It's a salon who is owned by one stylist and then other hairdressers rent a seat, and have their own clients and stuff. I had a really good first experience having my hair cut by Chantelle. (& I'll definitely be back.)

My hair grows reasonably fast so I need regular fringe trims. As well as that, my natural hair colour pokes through at my roots, a colour that I all but forget about. My natural hair colour is a very light brown. My hairdresser was surprised at how light my roots were, and asked me if I've ever considered going lighter for an all over colour. Which astonishingly I actually haven't. I've always only gone darker, except for my Balayage days where I had blonde tips.

Anyway my hairdresser Chantelle suggested that I could try a copper colour, as it would work well with my skintone, and I also thought maybe I could rock my natural hair colour once more. So in between cuts, i'm going to save my money and pin a whole lot of hair inspiration to see what I would like the best for me!

Copper Tones   

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
I was a bit unsure of copper when it was first suggested to me. But the most pictures I looked at the more I liked it. While I've definitely warmed up to it. I still don't know if copper is the right colour for me and if I could handle the upkeep. 

Ash Brunette

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
I'm really digging this colour, and it's a bit funny to think that this is what my hair may have originally looked like. The top left and bottom right are probably the right amount of light ashy brown that I'm looking for. The other two might be more what my hair looks like but I think I would like to go with a more ashy tone if I dyed my hair again.

I guess I'll just keep pinteresting until I make up my mind!

You can follow my Hairstyle Pin board here.

Cya! xx

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7 Expensive Things I Want Now That It's "No Spend April"

15 Apr 2015

Estee Lauder Foundation $50 | The Horse Classic Watch $189 | 32.4 Moon Chaser Choker $89 | 32.4 Up & Out Earrings $99 | ManiaMania Chelsea Earrings $140 | Vintage Ladies Bike (with basket) $288 | The Fifth Walking Home Coat $129 |  


Ah yes. The classic wishlist. Always adding up with unnecessary items, especially when I don't plan to spend any money. Also adding this up in this way has made me realise that it's quite a bit more money than I expected. I definitely don't need to spend almost $1000 on this stuff even if I really do want them.

That being said there is a super high chance I will eventually end up with the jewellery, maybe the watch, I really want to get a bike (it's one of my resolutions), and at least try the foundation out and perhaps buy it. I don't need the coat, I currently have a black coat that will do, and I recently spent $200+ on a gorgeous camel coat in Topshop NYC.

And who knows! Not spending during April will probably allow me to really step back and accurately decide whether or not I really need these things.
(Well obviously I don't need them but I WANT them.)

Cya! xx

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Courtyard Inspiration + Outdoor Furniture

11 Apr 2015

My courtyard is adorable. That photo above is definitely not it. That courtyard is AMAZING. But moving past that. I did a post with the before & afters, installing the deck, and how much better it looks now that it has it.

At the moment I'm filling it with cute plants in pots. We also just got a BBQ which looks rad over in the corner, so many dinner parties to come in the future, I hope.

The next and probably final piece I need for the courtyard though is a little bit of outdoor furniture. I was originally thinking a long bench along the back wall. But I reckon that a cute 3 piece, 2 chairs and table setting would look perfect too! We definitely don't need another full sized table and chairs, as our courtyard can be opened up onto our dining area indoors, where we have a 2 metre (6.5 foot) dining table. With benches along one side and chairs on the other.

So first some cool inspiration shots of courtyards! Then scroll to the bottom to find some sweet outdoor furniture pieces that I like!


My Outdoor Furniture Loves 

1. Sundero Bench | 2. Mimosa Hanging Egg Chair | 3. Applaro 3-Seat Sofa | 4. Kungsholmen 2-Seat Sofa | 5. Hogsten Armchair | 6. Lacko Table & Chairs | 7. Applaro Bench

I think a bench of a small outdoor lounge would look really good in the centre of the courtyard along the back wall. I love the cushions, and even though they are made of weather sturdy material and are designed to last longer and dry out quicker when wet, I would still be concerned that they would get mouldy and yuck. Also I don't want to have to have the cushions in storage all the time, how bothersome.

The three piece is really cute, and would be nice for having cups of tea outside with my plants. Same deal with the armchair. I would probably add a little table to go with that.

Hmmmmmmm.... I'll have to pick! Though unfortunately 95% of these are from IKEA and my closest IKEA is 2 hours away. Dang it! Looks like it's back to saving money for me for the moment.

Cya! xx

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All Aboard The Copper Trend Train

8 Apr 2015

Easter DIY + Crafts

5 Apr 2015

Yay! Happy Easter Everyone! To celebrate, here's my next post with gorgeous tea company Kettle Town!  This time I made some cute Easter themed pots for plants and chocolate, out of air dry clay. As well as some lovely ear topped jars for eggs to chill out in.

I would love for you too check them out, so go and have a look!


BTW The comments don't work over on Kettle Town, so any comments can be made here, ;)

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7 Easter Weekend Reads

3 Apr 2015

I've scaled the internet and found 7 blog posts that I found really cool, helpful or just plain inspirational. I have the Easter Long Weekend off work so I'm super keen to just chill out and spend time doing relaxing activities. So for some light reading and nice ideas, check these out!

1. DIY Fresh Floral Arrangement

Learn how to put together a beautiful flower arrangement as a centrepiece for Easter lunch. I love the flower choices and the vintage glass vessels chosen here in this DIY.

2. The Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow in Your Home

I've currently been buying a lot of plants, mostly outdoor, but I do have 4 or so indoor ones as well. This post has a great list of plants that do very well indoors. // I'll be doing a post up soon on all the plants that I have in my house! x

3. DIY Marble Planters 

It would hardly be surprising that a few of these are plant themed. But these gorgeous DIY marble planters shouldn't be overlooked! Made easily by using marble contact paper. Neato!

4. 10 Habits of Highly Organised People

I actually have basically all of these habits myself. Which I can proudly say definitely help to keep me organised. If you're a bit of a hot mess, then I would totally have a go at adopting some of these habits for yourself.

5. Charleston Pink Lady Cocktails

These pretty in pink, Gin cocktails look absolutely divine. Definitely giving off a girly, Easter themed Spring vibe in my opinion. Hey if you don't have to work the next, get out your cocktail shaker!

6. DIY Easter Egg Decorating

These girls make the most beautiful rustic styled posts, and when decorating easter eggs, that is no exception. Using 4 different techniques, sharpies, stamps, felt pens & chalk pens, they adorably design and decorate super cute decor for Easter.

7. 8 Ways to Make a Rented Apartment Feel Like Home

This is the article that I would like to be focusing on this weekend. We are slowly but surely turning our rented apartment into our own little personal homey place. It's getting there. These 8 different ways and ideas are lovely, and one of the tips is filling it with plants! Way ahead of you there!

(The peace sign is meant to be bunny ears. GO WITH IT.)

Have a great Easter Long Weekend everyone!
Cya! xx

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No Spend April

1 Apr 2015

I've only been back from the USA for a whole month, (all of March). But looking at my spendings on my Spendee app I'm pretty ashamed of myself to say the least. Not only did I spend a significant amount of money overseas, of course, but I went a little nutso as soon as I got back, on various accessories and decor. But don't even get me started on how much I spent on plants. I'll put up a post on that soon enough.

I googled "No Spend Month" and browsed it on Pinterest and there is no way I am or can do it to the extreme that some people seem to be doing this. Basically they are not buying groceries and just living off what is in their home. So as I have only recently moved out and into my home we have hardly anything built up.

My Current Strategy

I am already super organised as it is when it comes to money. I get paid from my 2 jobs on a fortnightly basis, and on the same day a large chunk is automatically withdrawn that covers 2 weeks worth of money for a variety of things that I need to put money away for.
So of my fortnightly pay, $550 comes out straight away. Divided by 2 that's $275 spent on all necessities a week.

Broken down that's approx $50 a week for groceries. $125 for rent, $25 for petrol, $30 for utilities (gas/electricity/water), $18 for my phone bill, and $25 for internet. There are a few more little costs here and there as well. I go halvies with everything with Josh, except for my own phone bill, private healthcare and petrol. He has a few of his own expenses as well.  So after that $550 comes out, whatever I have left, divided by 2, is what I have leftover for whatever during the next fortnight.

So that has to cover all activities, snacks and clothing purchases that I wish to complete, and I can save an amount of that too.

Want or Need?

Lately I've honestly been working too much to actually spend my money on activities which is a tad depressing but oh well. I've been using that money on plants. This "No Spend April" is going to be used with the leftover money after all the necessities have come out. 

Josh & I are guilty of buying random snacks/lunch/dinner foods when we have something at home. So this needs to stop. I can make a sandwich for lunch, I don't need a cheese naan. I'm also super bad at buying a Banana Smoothie (Brekkie to GoGo) from Boost, every time I work at my clothing store job, as it is right near it. I drink the smoothie on the 35 minute drive back home.  Because I am often starving. But these dang smoothies are $6.50. I often buy muffins from my other job, they are only $2 but this adds up when I have food at home that I could be bringing with me. 

Coffees are also unnecessary things to buy. Unfortunately we live 1 minute away from a large large amount of cafes. But we do have coffee at home. So that will have to do. 

House wise, I have bought a lot of plants this month. April can be about actually looking after them all and not letting them die. I have quite a lot of them right now anyway. Also something sweet is that Bunnings has a perfect plant promise, and will give you your money back if your plant dies. It's a 12 month guarantee! (One I hope I don't have to use though).

I already save any money that is leftover when my next paycheck comes through, but I hope to save money on top of that as well. 

100% no clothes, accessories, shoes or random pieces of decor for the house this month. That's where a lot of my spending goes. So that will be halted this month!

Activity wise, I have a dinner with friends coming up on Friday so that will still be in place obviously, I'll just eat cheaply. (I don't eat too much anyway). Also Easter is this Sunday. I'm sorry everyone I think you'll survive without Easter treats. Have you seen how much they cost?? Hell to the no. 

Josh and I like to go to the cinema occasionally, we are big movie buffs, so this is an activity that I definitely won't be cutting out. Plus the new Avengers movie comes out this month! 

I'll Try My Best!

It's April 1st, and I bought myself a heatbag this morning. But I'll count that as a necessity because it's something that I needed and had actually been meaning to buy. It's also payday! So that will be the truest test of my willpower!

Let me know if you've ever done a no spend month! How did you go? Are you going to try a no spend month in the future? It's the first today so it's the time to begin! 

Cya! xx

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