How Much to Charge Per Sponsored Post?

29 Sep 2015

I recently put up an anonymous survey that aimed to collect and collate data relating to sponsored posts and the rates that fellow bloggers charge. 

I've written out and displayed all my findings in a way that I think is reasonably easy to understand. 
Best of all at the end of the post, there's a section on how the pageviews and sponsored post rates correlate according to what the majority of bloggers are doing! Finally some information I can really work with. 
Click on through to see the results, and if you would like to participate in providing more data for the survey, you will find a link to it at the very bottom. 

My Spring Bucket List

23 Sep 2015

So I'll assume a few of you have read my last bucket list, for Winter. In terms of a blog post, it was a huge success. In terms of a solo bucket list, I did very few things on there.

But that's okay! It's way more of a list for everyone than just list for me to complete. Saying that, I would love to give a bunch of these a go. 

Yes this is a SPRING Bucket list! I can see a lot of you now, looking around, shaking your heads in confusion. I live in the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia. So our seasons are reversed. 
What a phenomenon. 

It tends to be almost impossible to find a seasonal bucket list that is for my hemisphere! Spring bucket lists tend to be filled with Easter Activities, when it's actually September - November over here. 

So please enjoy! And if it's Autumn where you are, pin it for later reference!

September Wishlist

21 Sep 2015

Chain Earrings | Grey Leather Clutch | Honeymoon Vinyl | Black Lace Bralette | Rose Gold iPhone 6s | Bear Spot Dress | Evolution Playsuit | Marble Face Watch | Total Mess Mom Jeans |

I've been coveting quite a few things this September, especially as the weather has just started to warm up! I actually get a lot of compliments on my earrings, which is lovely also surprising. Here's another pair on my wishlist. I love quality styles that I can just put in and forget. 

I am seriously digging lazy oaf, but I have no idea of any stockists around here! I really want to try some stuff on before I lay out the big bucks. But I'm so keen on that dress and those jeans! 

I tried on that black Finders Keepers playsuit, and it was gorgeous, look at the sleeves! I need a good go to outfit for Spring nights out.  

Even though I just got a watch from The Horse, that I love so so much. This is very cool. The marble makes it a super cliche blogger watch. You know I'm right. 

If you're unsure about Lana's new album, give it a few listen throughs. I promise you'll be hooked. I know I am. This black lace bralette is perfect for underneath a sheer black shirt that I have. Also when you can see a bit of the bra. Make it a pretty one. 

All of my clutches are black. Also I may only have one clutch now. But this grey one is stylish, big enough to hold all the essentials, and the light grey will go with almost everything. 
Lastly the iPhone 6s in Rose Gold. Well I've already bought this so it will be arriving shortly. I can't wait. 

Cya! xx

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Moon of My Life... My Sun & Stars

18 Sep 2015

Spring is here and I am loving the chance to wear flowy dresses and sandals. Not a million layers, jackets, socks and boots. It's a welcome change. Motel Rocks have a style of dress called the "Tiara Babydoll Dress" that comes in a bunch of gorgeous different patterns. I have both this one and one in a sunflower print. The fit of the dress is a bit of a mix between a shift and a skater dress. 

The dress is incredibly loose fitting and perfect for those hot days where you're just ugh, no one touch me. Because those days are definitely on the horizon. 

Dress: Motel Rocks | Shoes: Soles | Bag: Status Anxiety | Sunglasses: Quay Eyewear* | Watch: The Horse

As you can see I'm still getting the hang of this outfit post thing. At least Josh has been patient and willing to follow me around the park taking my photo. I seriously want a few more of this style of dress though.

Hopefully I can continue to post regularly. I have been really tired lately working non stop with both jobs. I'm just trying to work both jobs, and still find time for myself, to relax and to blog. Because I do enjoy blogging and I don't find it stressful. Well I only find it stressful when I don't have time to blog! 

I hope you've had a great week! 
Cya! xx

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How to Add an Emergency Contact to Your iPhone

14 Sep 2015

A quick and easy guide on adding a medical ID to your iphone as well as an emergency contact that can be accessed even if your phone is locked.

There's a handy and relatively new feature for iPhone, that not many people know about. It could literally save lives, or at least help you get your lost phone back. 

You can now activate an area in your phone, called a "Medical ID". That can be accessed even if your phone is locked. So if something happens to you, you're in an accident, you're unconscious or not physically able to communicate any important medical details about yourself, then this Medical ID is invaluable. 

If you have an iPhone, make sure you've updated it to at least ios 8.1 I believe is the earliest update to give you access to the medical ID. 

Find the app called Health. It's a white square with a little pink heart on it. If you haven't had a look at the Health app before, it has a lot of handy little features, such as being a pedometer, and tracking how many steps you do a day, and how far you have walked. You don't even have to turn this on, in fact it's already been recording your steps. 

The last little tab down the bottom on the far right, is an asterisk that says Medical ID, underneath.

Once you tap, "Create Medical ID" you come to a page with lots of options and spaces for you to fill out with any details you may want. 

You also need to have the Emergency Access "Show When Locked" option set to on. That's the most important part. 

I would recommend having a photo of yourself in the section too. Make sure it actually looks like you. This isn't for instagram, it's for being able to identify you in an emergency, and know that these are your medical details. 

I don't have any Medical conditions, notes, allergies or medications to add. But if you do, add them in. You could be struggling to breathe but unless people see that you have allergies to something you just came in contact with, they might have no idea. 

I don't know my blood type, I really need to find that out. But fill that in too. The emergency contact bit is really good to have. I have my partner Josh, who I live with and both my parents. They will also come in handy if I lose my phone. (and if some nice person wants to return it to me) they can call one of these people. 

The organ donor section is a yes/no. You should all be organ donors, not enough people put down that they want to be. But you'll be dead. You can't use them anymore, and someone out there could really benefit.

Weight and height, can be used to calculate things like the amount of medication that you are able to be given. Don't feel awkward. It's not for just anyone to look at. 

How to Access the Medical ID on iPhone

You have to have it switched on, like at the top of the middle iphone in the photo above. 
Then when your phone lights up (by pushing the middle button or the power button) and it's still locked, you swipe to unlock and it comes to the passcode page. Don't try to unlock, down the very button on the left, it will say emergency which you all should already know takes you to an emergency call option. 

You should now see in the place of where it said Emergency, it will say Medical ID *
You can now tap that, and view all of your medical details as well as call any of the emergency contacts all while the phone is still locked. 

This is seriously so so handy, and the more people who know about it the better. 

If anyone knows about anything similar to this on the Android or Windows phone, let me know and I will add it to this post. It could save lives!

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Our Bedroom - After Shots

11 Sep 2015

So it has literally been months since I promised that I was going to do monthly room updates. I am super sorry, but after fixing up and making the bedroom (mostly) pretty, I decided that money wise this wasn't liable. Even though I will be living in this apart for the next few years, it's still a rental and there's other things I should be putting my money towards, than filling my rooms with new decor.

So here is the Before Post. That everyone seemed to love so much. 
I put together this really cute colour palette and moodboard to get together ideas and inspiration for how I wanted to decorated the bedroom. Which I based off a duvet cover that I purchased from Adairs

Our bedroom ended up very pastel themed, which I am loving. I'm not too sure about Joshua, he's used to it by now though. So too bad babe!

My Side of the Bed
Josh's Side of the Bed 
That's what our bedside tables look like when they are completely clean and not covered in crap like moisturiser, our ipads, tissues. Joshua has the cute little geometric Puffin and I have the fox. I found out two days ago that Josh in fact always thought it was a penguin. So yes. It is not a penguin dear. 

My side also has my dream journal and little air plant. Josh has the Tequila Mockingbird cocktail book I bought him, and a book by Hemingway, which I found for him. So best girlfriend ever right here. As well as the box for his Daniel Wellington watch. It's stylish. 

I styled the section on top which was fun, I tried to mix in the colours of the room into the decor that I picked. I got the cute little pink house from Freedom and I wanted the mini blue one to go with it but they sold out really fast, so I missed out. Luckily I found a cute air plant in the exact colour to replace it with. Unluckily it's pretty dead. I'm not sure. 

I also made the large print using a really cute font, in photoshop! Super simple, and got it printed at Officeworks for quite cheap. I would definitely consider doing more art prints for the house like this. 

Our 2x4 KALLAX Bookshelf is split evenly. We have three baskets each and the top cube is split. Mine is very pretty with my perfumes, jewellery and accessories. Josh's is overloaded with all of his stuff, deodorants, hair pomade, cologne and random stuff. Like watches and cufflinks. I'm not sure, I assume that's what's in there. Boy stuff. 

One of the reasons it took me so long to get these photos is because Josh is always in bed. By the time he is out of bed, there is no longer good daylight. Like he will be awake but sitting there. I needed to make the bed and make everything pretty to get photos of it. If he was actually not sitting there on his laptop, then I'm probably at work. 

One of my absolute favourite additions to the bedroom is my mountains throw cushion! This cutie is from the store Hush Rumble! You can find them on Etsy and Instagram. I found them as they pop up at all the adorable markets that are on around my hometown of Newcastle. 

There's also a space in the room that would be perfect to hang an artwork, it's underneath our split system air conditioner. I had picked out quite a few pieces that would work from Adairs. Such as this one. But for the moment we're saving our cash. #Savetember. 

Thanks for checking out how I restyled our bedroom! Pin some pictures if you like! *wink wink*

Cya! xx

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Life Lately 9/9

9 Sep 2015

Time to catch up on what I've been up to these last 3 weeks or so. Where we'd last left off, I had just scored a new job at a clothing boutique right near my house. Which I have had about 3 shifts at so far. My 4th shift was suppose to be on Monday, except I've been really sick. But I'll get to that. 

As you can see I've changed around the colour scheme and header on my blog and I love it! It's so much more "me". I guess. The hanging plant & cactus are courtesy of The Noun Project. Which is a great website that is full of free icons, of which you only to need to leave credit for somewhere on your page. So mine is on my Disclaimer page. I totally planned to have this awesome designer from my town create a header for me, until I realised how often I change things around. So once I'm ready to settle I will come back to her! Having plants in my theme is perfect though. 

Me and my love
It's finally Spring time here in Australia, and we have had a few lovely days so far, but this past week it's been mostly breezy and a bit rainy. I missed one of the warmest days as I was laying in bed trying to ward off stomach cramps with medication and a heat bag. But I did get to enjoy the last hour of sunshine with Josh laying on the sand. As we now live a sweet 10 minute walk from the beach. Something I've yet to really take advantage of. 

I'm loving working at my new job. The girls I work with are all incredibly lovely, and so pretty! Not important but they are, just saying. I'm still learning everything because it's all so different than any retail job I've done before, even just the computer system as it's a self owned business. Not part of a huge corporation. So even just receiving stock means you have to create the items in the system. Phew. I will get there. Lucky I'm good with computers. ;)

I did my first actual outfit post the other day! I hope you guys liked it! Joshua took the photos for it and I realised I really need a tripod and remote for future photos. But for now he can just follow me around. I also started a LookBook account

So you should totally head over there and fan me + hype my one photo. These were taken in my courtyard but hopefully I will venture further for my next lot of photos.

On Monday, Aug 31st I woke up with a sore throat and I have just gotten sicker from then. Coughing, struggling to talk, blocked nose, sore throat. And then my eyes got infected, which was just awful. That happened Friday afternoon which meant I couldn't go to a Wine Tour I was so excited about, I had to stay home and wait for the doctor to visit. 

While Josh and everyone was out having a good time. Now I miss one of my first big shifts at the new job which was suppose to be Monday. But my eyes have pretty much completely cleared up and I'm coughing a lot less. Gah I hate being sick!! 
I recently bought myself some marble contact paper, and I have been putting 10x more effort into my blog photos, I hope you've noticed! I'm fully trying to not use stock photos anymore. That's the dream anyway. I love the look of the marble as a background. I still need to work on using more props, and find some better lighting. 

I've been trying to improve my Instagram skills too so you should follow me there, and over on Twitter! I've been twittering away about whatever nonsense. As well as having a good old whinge about my cold. Give me a follow and I can follow you back!

Okay I'm finished with all the updates. Cya! xx

What I'm Loving

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My Study's Gallery Wall

7 Sep 2015

I spend the majority of my time in the study, probably. Well I'm a blogger, and my iMac is there, so where else would I be? It's my partners workspace as well, there are two macs btw. But I spend the most time in here, so it's pretty much my space. Sorry Josh. 

I've had the my noticeboard awkwardly floating around for ages, on the floor, against the wall, on the desk. None of the places really fit properly. I finally used some of my leftover double sided hanging tape. That's specifically for hangings pictures on the wall, and hung up my pinboard! Now my new job's roster is in clear view too! (I took it down for photos, privacy reasons)

I had a few cute pictures floating around that I didn't know what to do with either. I live very close to a lovely store called "Blackbird's Corner" that stocks the cutest things, including the Frankie Magazine. As well as cute books, artwork, postcards. So much more but you get the gist, its adorable.

I'm devoted to the Frankie Magazine Yearly Calendar, of which I just preordered the 2016 edition. (Seriously if you want one, go here to preorder, they definitely sell out). Each month has such beautiful artwork from artists all around the world, so after the month is over I chose some of my favs and added them to the wall. 

The big posted to the right, was a pull out freebie from the latest Frankie Mag issue, as was the cute purple plant print. All of these helped me decide I wanted to go with a lighter and fun pastel theme for my gallery wall. I'm not even sorry. 

My "Today is Going to Be Awesome" print is a free printable from "In The Playroom". It's meant for colouring in, but I decided to leave it blank for effect. 

Up top I have a cute Pantone postcard that I also purchased from Blackbird's Corner. I would love to get some more to go next to it! I only blu-tacked everything to the wall so as not to damage the paint, or being difficult to rearrange. Perfect for my fellow renters. 

Advertise with Me!

While you're still here. You may or may not have noticed that I've changed around my blog a little, style wise, including my new cute header with the hanging plant! I love plants. So it's perfect.

Another new addition is the "Advertise" tab and page up the top! This is something I would love to bring in as a permanent feature. I won't be officially starting until October as it's a tad late now.
But this is what I'll be offering from October onwards. (in AUD$)

Friends & Sponsors Package: $5 / Month - (4 Available)

  • 280px (max width) Blog Button in the sidebar under the "Friends & Sponsors" header 
  • A paragraph about you and your blog/store in the "Meet the Advertisers" post of the month
  • A mention in a Follow Friday post on my tumblr to over 25,000+ followers

As a little gesture of goodwill, and to kick off the advertising, I'm willing to advertise 4 Blogs in my sidebar, for the remainder of September, for free! Yep, your cutie blog can get all I've offered in the above package, for free.


All you have to do is send me an e-mail ( with the subject "Free September Advertising" and you're in! Strictly first in best dressed. I'll only reply to the 4 successful candidates, and then we can discuss getting your button onto my sidebar, etc!

NO MORE SPACE LEFT! Thanks for the emails!

You can view all of my stats right here, and see why you should advertise with me!

I can't wait!

Cya! xox

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How to Wear Mom Jeans

4 Sep 2015

I recently scored a great pair of Ziggy Mom Jeans when I had a 51% off code for Universal store. Which was amazing by the way. I like to call them mom jeans even though we spell it Mum in Australia, I think the name just works better. 

Mom Jeans are a bit strange to style as they're high waisted, and fitted at the top but baggy near the bottom. Then they're also baggy around the butt so you get the kinda mom booty going on. 

Some of my favourite looks are plain white tees tucked in. A collared tee really dresses up the jeans, especially with a cute necklace. You can't really go wrong with white and denim. It's a key basic and practical uniform for any wardrobe. 

Keep it minimal sister. 

The tight fitting top part of mom jeans give you the perfect chance to show off your midriff by wearing crop tops. I swear the majority of my tops are cropped now. It took me a while to actually wear them and show off skin, as it's easy to feel a bit awkward. I used to just wear really high waisted everything. But I'm loving how crop tops work with mom jeans. 

Wearing a cropped and not fitted top with this style of jeans just doesn't seem to work, I'm not sure what it is, but the top either has to be long enough to be tucked in or short and fitted otherwise it looks kinda off somehow... Feel free to link me to a photo where it does work!

 I'm keen to be proven wrong. 

Do you own any mom jeans? How do you like to style them? I'd love to know! Leave your styling tips in the comments.
Cya! xx

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How I Wind Down & De-Stress

2 Sep 2015

Sometimes I come home after a long day of work and I am just completely unhinged. It doesn't even have to be from anything specific, but I know if I get home and don't unwind and de-stress immediately I could snap! Josh shouldn't have to put up with me being a psycho. He does though, on a regular basis. (love you!

The first thing I do when I walk in the door is take off my clunky Dr Martens, that I guarantee I manage to wear to all of my many jobs. Then straight into the sweats. Hoodies, track pants and slippers are my best friends this Winter. Getting out of your work gear is the so relieving. You're home now, it's all downhill from here. 

My house currently smells divine as I've set up the Airwick Freshmatic Auto Spray machine* that I received recently,  which puffs out aromas every half hour or so. The current fragrance I've got in there, Winter Moments, smells just like pie and vanilla. I've also got two more different and Summery scents that will be just dreamy in the warmer months. 
Having a nice smelling home fragrance that you can come back to is surprisingly calming. We can't all have lovely auto fragrant puffer things. So your next best option scented candles. Watching that candlelight flicker is half the charm!

Put on some music! Put on something loud and crazy and dance around your room screaming the lyrics, or perhaps something a little quieter, some gentle background noise. Whatever your jam is, 
turn it on. I'm loving me some Tame Impala right now or even the Wombat's new album Glitterbug. Tame Impala's Currents is perfect for chilled out background noise, whilst the Wombats is definitely more of a groove around kinda tune. 

Make yourself a hot beverage. I guess you can make yourself a cool beverage if it's just really hot in your house. But a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate is the perfect way to wind down. Even just listening to the kettle boil can be a relaxing bout of white noise. I'm feeling calmer just thinking about it. 

Hold your cup, let your fingers absorb the warmth and let all the the negative feelings and stress just float away. Chamomile tea is perfect for relaxing. But anything that you enjoy will work as well. 
Not that you want to clean or tidy up right now, as soon as you get home. But nothing gets me worked up quicker than sitting in a cluttered or untidy space. Try your best to keep your space tidy where possible. Because trying to de-stress while you're looking at all that mess and thinking, I should be tidying that. Well that's not helping anyone. 

Sit Outside! I've currently collected quite a few different plants that surround me in my courtyard, and when the sun is shining, sitting in the middle of my garden, well there's no place I'd rather be. 
Breathe in that fresh air, soak up those rays. 

Do you best to relax and calm down, so that tomorrow you can wake up and do it all over again.

Cya! xx
What do you do to de-stress?

*Some of these items may have been given to me for review. All comments and views are my own. 

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