Monella Gelato

30 Dec 2015

For all the locals and lovers of the iconic Darby Street, you'll be pleased to know there's a new kid on the block. Joining the multitude of other delicious food places, Monella stands apart from the crowd. Not only in its wares, but with it's fresh style that is unlike any other in Newcastle. 

The unique shop front is sadly hidden behind a tree and an ugly traffic light. But look past it and you'll spot a beautiful white two storey building, covered with a kaleidoscope of black butterflies. Which officially makes it the coolest looking building in perhaps the entirety of Newcastle. 

Three Christmases

27 Dec 2015

I tend to find Christmas more stressful than enjoyable. Which is strongly related to the fact that I have to share myself around 3 separate Christmases at 3 different locations, all in the one day. 

It's not that I don't want to see everyone, I just find it difficult to manage, and I try to spend a good amount of time at each place. This year went pretty smoothly and was relatively stress free.
Here's a look at my three Christmases. 

The Sound of Music in Sydney!

23 Dec 2015

Last weekend, the good folks of Nuffnang Australia put out the call for wonderful local bloggers that would like to attend and review the musical stage show that has just hit Sydney. The Sound of Music, everyone's favourite German singing movie. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the beloved film which first captivated audiences in 1965. I of course jumped at this amazing opportunity, as did the likes of a few other local bloggers.

Following it's record-breaking run at the London Palladium, the world’s best-loved musical, The Sound of Music is now playing in Sydney at the Capitol Theatre and coming soon to Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide!

Brought to you by Nuffnang & The Sound of Music Tour

Swedish Gingerbread Recipe - Pepparkakor

21 Dec 2015

Even though there's no real reason for not baking gingerbread all year round, I still keep it for Christmas time. I think that's what makes it more special. Like saving gingerbread, eggnog and Love Actually, right until December. So you get the full and good experience. 

You can make this gingerbread quite thin, so that it cooks hard and crunchy, more like the traditional Gingerbread, or you can have each cookie a bit thicker so that you have a softer cookie.
Both are delicious, and the option is yours. 

Aromabotanical Review & Giveaway!

17 Dec 2015

The good folk at Aromabotanical have let me choose some of their lovely products to trial and review, and then one lucky reader will get to receive these beautiful items too!

Aromabotanical is an Australian company, that specialises in creating unique and luxurious fragrances for the home and body. Each fragrance is created locally in Sydney using only the highest quality natural ingredients. 

None of their products have ever been tested on animals either. Which is definitely a factor I hold in high regard when shopping for products these days. 
Read on for how to WIN!

My Boyfriend Doesn't Read My Blog

15 Dec 2015

My boyfriend doesn't read my blog, but it's not a big deal. A whole bunch of other people do. So that's pretty rad. That card above is what he picked out and gave me for our 4 year anniversary. I loved it! It is adorable and perfect for me. It combines my love of Josh annd my love of kittens!

We've been together four whole years now and that is kind of crazy. That's a long time, like 17% of my entire life. I've already written a post last year about how we met, which was pretty cute. If I say so myself. 

Oh Christmas Tree

10 Dec 2015

This year is my first Christmas living out of home and I was so excited to finally get a chance to buy and decorate my very own tree with Josh. We're hoping to start a few cute Christmas conditions that we can stick to every year. For starters, decorating the tree together. 

I picked out our tree from Big W. The Soho Christmas Tree. 195cm tall, realistic looking pine leaves scattered throughout, and pretty golden lights already threaded through the tree, so no need to add our own Christmas lights. 

Muesli & Banana Muffins

7 Dec 2015

Recently I had bought a bunch of bananas to have with my yoghurt and muesli breakfast, but I hadn't been able to eat all of the bananas before they went very ripe. Which was the perfect excuse to bake those yummy bananas into something even more delicious!

I worked this up from a simple muffin recipe, and I also added in some muesli. Mine had oats, almonds and sultanas in it, which added some extra flavour too.

Abicus Haul

4 Dec 2015

Pros & Cons of living near awesome boutiques. You spend all your money on cool stuff. Nuff' Said. 
I bought all of these cool things at Abicus on Darby Street, except for the spotty top which is from Scout by Abicus. The little sister store of Abicus, which is right across the street. 

I had to special order in the shoes as the one size 37 sold out almost immediately, of course! So glad I ordered them in though! No regrets with any of these purchases. 
Quality over quantity my friends. You've gotta spend a little more to get key pieces that will last.

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How to Survive Parties: A Guide for the Socially Anxious

1 Dec 2015

If you suffer from social anxiety, the thought of attending a party can be a nightmare scenario. So many people and you probably only know a small percentage of them. All talking louder and louder until they're shouting just to be heard and seen over the other people around them. It can be incredibly daunting, even if you usually can handle these situations.

I've paired up with costume company "Disguises" to put together a guide on how to attend those events you just can't miss.

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