Side Table Styling with Brosa

24 Aug 2016

One of the reasons I was so excited to move out for the first time was for the opportunity to set up and style an entire house! Not just my bedroom, multiple rooms. I always loved interior design and I had pinned so many images on pinterest. It also inspired me to start blogging!

I love decorating the townhouse that I live in. I can't wait for Josh & I to buy our own home together and truly make it ours. But for now I'll settle with beautifying my rental.

Brosa got in touch with me and let me go nuts styling one of their pieces. I picked the Elizabeth Lamp Table in Walnut because it already matched so well with the style we had gone for on the first level of our house.

Unexpected Exit - Escape Rooms

17 Aug 2016 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW, Australia

Hidden along Hunter Street and noticeable only by a fold out sign placed out front is the entrance 
to Unexpected Exits. Newcastle's only escape room. 

After Josh had returned from his trip to Melbourne having completed two escape rooms whilst away, I knew I had to also give one a try. Especially as our local one was only 5 minutes away. I grew up playing mystery puzzle games online so I was pretty keen to try my skills in real life. 

DIY Denim with Factorie

15 Aug 2016

I've always been a big fan of denim jackets with patches, I've just never made the leap to actually making my own. Factorie gave me a push in the right direction by supplying me with some denim of my choosing and way more patches than I could possibly ever need, to see what I could come up with! 

It was hella fun and super easy. Plus now I'm definitely on board with buying my own patches in the future and pimpin' out my jeans and denim shorts. 

How to Have a Cohesive Instagram Feed

12 Aug 2016

Instagram is a big deal. If you hadn't already realised. It's a great way to get your blog or business out there to a lot of different audiences. But you could be posting a lot of content that you think is good, but it may not actually be visually appealing in a way that makes people want to follow you. No matter how good your photos may be, they're not doing that much if no one is seeing them. That's where having an instagram theme comes in. 

An instagram theme is a great way to give your overall feed a more uniform look.
When people look at your Instagram profile from the main page, they're seeing your most recent photos in one lumped collage. If they look all out of place next to each other, the first impression your instagram feed is going to give is that your posts are all over the place, unplanned and spontaneous. 

While that's fine for a personal feed, it looks pretty unprofessional on the instagram for a business. It gives the vibe that it's not very well thought out and that you're letting any old person post whatever they want. 

Coco the Ragdoll

2 Aug 2016

My little ragdoll had a rough start in life. While it's impossible to know exactly what her start was, it went somewhere along the lines of being born to a breeder, getting a little bit sick and then being abandoned in the gutter along with her brother. Both of her eyes were very inflamed and cloudy. Likely destined to be put down, they were both saved by a Sydney cat rescue called "Kittie Kat Rescue".

I had been browsing Pet every day, looking at all the fluffy cuties and wanting to adopt all of them. I kept sending photos to Josh but he just kept shaking his head. Not yet, not yet. I found a few different rescue groups on the website and went ahead and followed their pages on Facebook so I could keep updated with new kittens. 

This little baby had already been adopted out but appeared back on the page as due to adverse circumstances, she was returned. I spotted her immediately and messaged a photo to Josh while he was at work. So nervous because there was something about that little fluff ball. I knew she was perfect, he replied a few hours later, "I think she's the one!"

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