Periods are Gross

29 November 2016

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3 Fitness Challenges I'm Doing Right Now

22 November 2016

If you follow me on instagram or we talk in real life you may know that i've been trying to up my fitness as of late. I've also dropped to only one job so I don't exactly have as much of a disposable income as I used to have either. I had been wanting to get on the fitness bandwagon for ages, I just kept falling off it. For a variety of reasons. Hell I still bring up the time I got really fit and then got a cold that lasted 3 months which completely destroyed all motivation and fitness, and that happened probably 5 years ago. 

One day in October this year I thought screw it! I want to get into shape, for probably the first time ever, and I want to do it now. I just opened the door and went for a run and the journey began. 
So far I've been exercising and eating better for about 6 weeks. I've lost 2kg! 

Which is quite a bit seeing as I'm only small to start with. But it's not about the weight. Not to mention that muscle weighs more than fat. I'm feeling great mentally and when I look in the mirror I feel good about myself and what I look like. It's such a great feeling, and one I'm sure too many people haven't felt before, which sucks. 

Girls Complimenting Girls

11 November 2016

There's a boutique that I go into every now and then where the girls who work there say hi and say that they love your outfit today! Now I have been known to put together a cute outfit every now and then, but on these particular days I was dressed reasonably average. Not to mention that the comment has happened more than once. Meaning that this is just a thing that the shop girls say to customers.

We've all seen Mean Girls when Regina compliments that girl's skirt and then mocks her behind her back. It's our worst nightmare to receive a compliment that's disingenuine, whether it's to try and flatter you in a store or to poke fun at you once you turn away.

Fall Staples with Jord (+ A Chance to Win!)

8 November 2016

Though it's not Autumn here in Australia, it is for about half of the world and a reasonable chunk of my readers. My new wood watch from Jord is delicious in it's dark sandalwood shades, it looks like it would be right at home sitting amongst some freshly fallen autumn leaves.

I've rounded up some pieces that all fit together in an ideal outfit for me on a lovely Autumn's day. My fall staples. That I could wear again and again all throughout the season. 

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