Periods are Gross

29 November 2016

Image by "Rupi Kaur"

Ha shut your mouth because that title was a misdirect. 

Periods are completely normal and part of life. Half the population gets them. 

How can something so important, as in it's necessary for our ability to procreate, how can talking about that be so taboo.

 It's a secret. It's a sealed section of Dolly magazine.
Don't get me started because I'll probably just get annoyed and I've already got annoyed in a collaboration I've done with Naomi from "Teatime with Naomi". 

You can read the big whinge I've had right over here:


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  1. Preach! It seriously baffles me, even I get embarrassed, yet I have no idea why! It's so natural and normal...

    Kez |

  2. I feel so strongly about this too! I loved the images by Rupi which I first saw in Yen magazine I think. I've never thought about it that way with the sealed section of Dolly magazine - so true! So annoying.

    Emma |

  3. While I'm not excited about my period and I don't feel like I have much to say about it because it's mostly just an inconvenience, I completely agree that we shouldn't be embarrassed about them. It's a completely natural part of life for most women and isn't something we should be ashamed of at all. In fact if it were less of a taboo subject then people who might not have what's considered a normal period would hopefully feel more comfortable seeking help.

    It's just a part of the patriarchy though, like the fact that male sexual dysfunction is something we all know about and can be treated with readily available medication, but female sexual dysfunction is something we barely even hear about! It sucks!


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