Enrich Your Skin with Griffin + Row (& Win!)

2 December 2016

Griffin + Row contacted me recently and asked me to pick an item from their 5 Step Skincare routine. I went straight to number 5 and chose their "Ultra Luxurious" Anti-Oxidant Night Cream

Enriched with a higher concentrate of centess+complex (a blend of plant extracts) used to boost the efficiency of this daily natural moisturiser. All you have to do is apply regularly to your face and neck. Use nightly and whenever your skin needs extra nourishment to rebalance dryness and regain natural radiance.

I'm all about the night creams and skincare products working throughout the night to make my skin look amazing. 

Problem areas on my face include some acne and acne scarring on my cheeks and jaw line and a dry peeling nose. I received this Enrich cream about 2 weeks ago now and I have been using almost every night on my face and sometimes during the day. 

It has a fresh and interesting smell that is pleasant and not too overpowering. 

I don't have any before or after photos for you. But I have been whinging about my constantly peeling nose, in person and online for almost two years now I would say. Nothing I did, no exfoliation or moisturiser seemed to fix it. Whilst sitting here reading about the product I've been trialling. Reading how it's an ultra enriched moisturiser. I'm touching my nose, and I've gone to look in the mirror and lo and behold somehow without even realising it, my nose has stopped peeling. 

My nose is soft and the skin is not flaky at all. It's like when you only notice something has gone away after it's been pointed out to you. 

Do you have dry skin?

Or do you like free skincare? I've got one of these night creams to giveaway! 
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  1. Sounds like a really great product to try, I suffer from dry skin myself.I'm always trying new products to see what works best :)

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. Thanks, this would be great! My skin is terribly dry and prone to eczema if I don't keep on top of it!

  3. Ohhhh this sounds so lovely! And perfect for the winter madness on the skin.

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer


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