How To Move House Without Too Much Stress

11 August 2019

The stress of moving house can be massive. When you think about all of the things that you need to do before you can relax in your new home, it is unbelievable. You will need to sell your home and buy a new one, at precisely the same time. You will need to pack all of your possessions up and then move them. Then you'll probably need to do some decorating or DIY in your new home before finally unpacking. Along the way, you will need to deal with estate agents, lawyers, surveyors, removals firms, and potentially decorating contractors. It can be a costly affair, too, taking up all of your money. You will be physically exhausted, but getting settled in your new home will make it all worthwhile.

With lots of organization and having a plan for the things that might go wrong, you can take a great deal of the stress out of moving.

Start Shopping

You'll need to start looking for a new house straight away, it can often take a long time to find the home that you want and with it being one of the most significant purchases you are likely to make in your lifetime, you don't want to rush to make a decision so allow yourself the time you need to find the right place.

Sell Up

If you own your current house, get it on the market. You'll need to have some valuations done by local estate agents. Have a couple done to test the accuracy of their suggestions. Then get your home ready for potential house viewings.

At this stage, it might be useful to do a little declutter. Think about selling anything that you don't need, or at least giving it to charity.

You can also start packing anything that you don't need before people come to view the home. Looking at a property with less in it can make it feel bigger and more spacious.

Stuck In A Chain

There may be some issues with buying and selling properties at the same time; you become part of a chain. Where both buying and selling occur at the same time, it can knock onto other peoples chains. A problem in someone else's sale or purchase could affect yours.

There may be a possibility that you will have a period between owning the two homes. You may need to stay with friends or family. During this time, you should look to put your possessions into secure self storage.


One of the tasks that people hate the most about moving is packing and unpacking. But if you get it right as you are boxing your items up, then it will make it easier for you when you unbox in the new house.

Mark each box up with the room that the box is for, and what is in the box. That way, when you come to unpacking at the other end, you will be able to sort out your boxes much easier. Remember to tape the boxes securely, bubble-wrap delicate items, and mark up boxes as fragile.

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