Your Best Skin at Any Age

13 August 2019

Older skin can mean that it's thinner and less giving but that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your skincare routine and give into wrinkles because older skin can be every bit as beautiful as the younger skin.

Ageing is nothing to worry about, a few laughter lines here and there are the signs of a life well-lived, something not everyone has the privilege of having. But as skin does age, it does have different needs and in this blog, we take a look at some of the stages of skincare that you should consider.


Whether you’re twenty-something or a sixty-something, the importance of a great routine can’t be underestimated. You start when you’re younger with a simple cleanse, tone and moisturising routine that just gets added to you as you age.

When you hit your thirties, you’ll be looking at making sure you use a scrub at least once a week and up that moisturising routine. While in your forties, it's time to add in a weekly acid peel that strips away dead cells and reveals younger, firmer skin underneath. Older skin will also require a boost inactive ingredients, so look for moisturising creams that contain retinol or additional peptides. You’ll be looking for richer creams than before, to combat the tendency for older skin to dry out more quickly.

Whatever age you are, there are some basic parts of your routine that can’t be missed. You should always remove your makeup at night before you hit the sheets. This will save your laundry and help you avoid nasty eye infections. You’ll also need to make sure you always wear sunscreen, something that will help your skin avoid premature ageing and block out the harmful rays of the sun.

The way you live your life is also going to have a massive impact on your skin. The old adage about drinking plenty of water is very true. It’s a simple but effective way of ensuring that your skin remains fresh and hydrated and that you feel at your best.


Of course, no one is perfect but eating fresh and not overdoing either caffeine or alcohol is great for your skin and great for your overall sense of wellbeing.

Taking care of yourself is a practice that benefits you at any age. Whether that means grabbing a couple of early nights, investing in some good quality skincare products, such as EnVogue Skin, or remembering to apply plenty of sun cream, everything you do is an investment for your future.

Wrinkles and fine lines don't mean it's the end of the world. They do not mean that your skin is not beautiful, they’re a natural part of the ageing process and something to embrace. Live your best life, with a great skincare routine. You might not be able to beat the ageing process but you can certainly take it on at your own pace.

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