May Goals - Update

2 June 2014

Okay so I had set myself 6 goals to complete in May. The results aren't exactly fantastic. Though I would like to use the excuse that I started a new job in May and worked quite a lot more than I am used to and still need practice fitting in other things around it.

Here's what goals I set myself for May:

1. Get My Full License - FAIL

I made the steps towards this but definitely didn't complete it. I got the book that I have to read through to learn what I have to do for my full license test but every time I went to read it I decided I wanted to do something else instead..

2. Save $10 a week towards Elder Scrolls - DONE

Incredibly lame, but I actually did do this. $10 a week into a teapot of cash. I really want Elder Scrolls Online when it comes out and it will probably be around $100 not to mention the $15 a month subscription fee.

3. Stick to a Better Sleeping Routine - DONE

This was pretty important since I had quite a few days with 4:30-5:00am wake ups. Which means I needed to be in bed pretty early to ensure I got enough sleep. Now I've got to just keep up the good sleeping pattern, not the 5am rises though.

4. Have A Higher Savings Percentage - DONE

I track my spending with an App called Spendee which I've written about before, and I put in my earnings, spendings, savings & bills in there as they go. Which gives me a nifty little pie chart on what percentage of my overall earnings I'm saving each month. This month I saved 51% of my pay check and that is such an improvement & I'm so proud of me.

5. Read the Divergent Trilogy - FAIL

I was really keen for this one but I just didn't give myself any reading time at all when I should have. I made it halfway through book one on like June 1st and then I never continued. So that was silly. I could have finished all 3 in the first week. But no. I did see a ridiculous amount of new movies though..

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