June Goals

2 June 2014

New month, new goals to work towards.
I might add some more if I think of them later, I'll just update this post.

1. Get My Full License

This is important, because I think my current one expires in July anyway. But it's time. I just need to read through the full license test guide. Book the test in, and then go and do it! Woo.

2. Monday Morning Body Scrub

If you haven't heard of Frank the body scrub you should really get onto that. It's an amazing natural coffee scrub that works on getting rid of all your skin's imperfections, like scars, stretch marks, cellulite and skin conditions like eczema. It works too! I have a few things I'd like to clear up, scars on my cheeks, a little bit of cellulite on my bum, and some mini stretch marks on my hips. I'm going to scrub every Monday morning and hopefully with a month's usage I'll be able to see the difference!

3. Save $150 a week

Not only will this be adding to my growing savings fund, but the amount is to prepare me for when I move out and start paying rent. I'll be spending around that much per week on rent.

4. Cull down my Wardrobe

I posted about how I started to clear out my wardrobe, I've done well so far but there's still a long way to go. I recently counted my coathangers that are in use and there was close to 150! Obviously I am also hanging a lot of things that could be folded away because I have a large amount of hanging space, things like hoodies and lazy shirts. I just bought some nice black wooden coathangers online as well. So when they get here I'll only want my nice things on them .

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