May on Instagram

4 June 2014

Instagram is a great place to post cute photos of your pets, what you're eating, and a bajillion selfies. Even if you hate it you sort of love it too. Here's what I got up to this May.

1. Beautiful Sunflowers in the Nursery at my work.
2. Me and my bestie starting our new job at Bunnings. Go team!
3. Super pretty architecture in this old theatre that is now just a weird vintage consignment store.
4. Talk Shit Get Hit. Sansa vs Robin, via tumblr.
5. Coot Selfies with button up kitten shirts.
6. Burritos at Guzman Y Gomez, who wants the D?
7. I cut my hand open on my iMac. ://
8. Two work friends and I built this sexy chicken coop at work! Legends.
9. Cootie Patootie dog Zizou, who is owned by my boyfriend's sister.

1. Taken on my birthday, but posted for Mother's Day!
2. Bestie's Star Wars Birthday! She's Bobba Fett and I'm Lady Han Solo
3. Her super cool R2D2 Cake
4. Eating noodles with my learner chopsticks.
5. Poorly made sign, clearly by old people who refer to the music festival "Groovin' the Moo" as "Groove in the Moove".
6. New Dr Martens! Thanks Dad!
7. Super sweet moon necklace that has the moon that was visible on the day of my birth.
8. Homemade Pizza nights. Delish.
9. Me stealing all of the popcorn at the cinema while my boyfriend went to move the car.

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Stay sweet! x

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