Payday Wishlist 12/6

12 June 2014

Hey Big Spender.

Woop woop. Today is my fortnightly payday and I've already collected some things I would love to splash my cash on.

1. Windsor Smith Puffy Shoes

Spoiler alert, I already bought these. They've been on my wishlist for a while, and on my recent trip to Sydney I hit up a Windsor Smith store and tried these babies on and they were amazing and I bought them!

2. GHD Straightener in Periwinkle

When I eventually move out I'll need my own straightener. + This colour is so lovely!

3. Fig + Yarrow Facial Care Kit

This stuff is suppose to do wonders for your skin but I've been halted by the steep price tag vs the amount of product you actually receive. I hope to give it a go one day.

4. Garfield Lazy Oaf iPhone Case

I do need a new iPhone case, and this Garfield one from the new Lazy Oaf range is pretty sweet.

5. Cameo Alone Tonight Dress

I really need a lovely dress to go to my boyfriend's sisters wedding in October and this dress is super amazing. Look at the roses on that thing. I love it. Now I just need to try it on.

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