August Goals - Updated

31 August 2014

This month went so incredibly fast. I blinked and it was over. Probably due to how much I worked. Which means September is going to go even faster..

1. Stress Less - DONE (pretty much)

Okay I wanted to stress less, which I'm going to say was successful, but I also wanted to meditate daily which did not happen. In fact I basically forgot almost immediately. Whoops. I'm going to have to repeat this goal for September though.. 

2. Start Booking my Holiday - DONE!

Woo hoo! We totally did start booking! In fact I blogged about it here! All of our flights are booked and paid for and we are super excited. 

3. Post / Blog More Often - DONE

Hella yeah! If you look at my archives list down the bottom, you'll see that I've posted the most this month ever! Woop, let's keep it up!

4. Watch Downton Abbey Season 4 - DONE

I basically watched & finished this season right at the beginning of August. It never takes me as long as I think it will. Love this show. 

5. Find time to read a book - EHH NO..

So technically I did find time to read a book, but instead I watched the final two seasons of True Blood, which you know is based on a book series (Sookie Stackhouse novels). So kind of? I do need to read more though, because I do enjoy it. 

6. Save at least 60% of my Wage (again!) - DONE!!!

I did put quite a dint in my savings this month anyway from paying for flights in February, but I still managed to save *drumroll please* 71% of my wage! Wowza. Working a lot has it's perks, lots of money and no time to spend it. Except for that one morning where I spent a heap of money before I went to work and then more online when I got home. But that was one day! One day out of the whole month. I'm super proud of me. 

Tomorrow is September 1st! Look's like I'll have to come up with some new goals... 


  1. I love the idea of this blog series!

    1. Thank you! It actually motivates me to get stuff done! x


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