September Goals

2 September 2014

This month I will most likely be working 6 days a week. Which will be annoying and tiring, but I am sure I will get through it okay. Here are some goals to keep me on track for this month.

1. Watch Movies:
- The Fault in Our Stars
- Bad Neighbours
- The Normal Heart
- The Expendables 3
- Muppets Most Wanted
I'm going to be pretty busy so I need to relaxed movie time when I can fit it in also.

2. Do not buy stuff from my work Cafe
My workplace has a cute cafe with yummy snacks and I have already bought and packed food for my work days so I do not need to go down to the cafe and buy a juice and cookie (like I did on the 1st day). No cafe food = No unnecessary spending.

3. Save $300 a week
Usually my money goals are more related to a percentage of my wage. But this month I'm just going to aim for saving this much money each week. That's $1200 saved this month thank you.

4. Let Go of My iPad Games..
I deleted the Kim Kardashian game last night. That is the first step. I have been playing Tapped Out as well. I mean it's okay to play a little bit, but then there is the unholy amount that you should not be playing these games.

5. Survive my Excessive Work Hours
I don't know how I would fail this goal anyway, I just have to get through this month. Keep up morale.

6. Find time for Myself
Last month with all the work I was doing, on days off I was trying to fit in heaps of activities to make the days worth it in my mind. This lead to me being super run down and overly tired in general. When I have a day off, I really need to chillax, sleep in and rest. Which while I think it wasteful, my body needs it.

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