Payday Wishlist 3/9 - USA Vacation

3 September 2014

Another 2 weeks have gone by, another fortnightly pay is about to be deposited into my little bank account. I thought this payday I should start looking at some winter gear to take with me to the USA when I go on holidays in February. Which will be the last month of Winter over there.
I browsed the heck out of ASOS and here are some things that I'm looking at purchasing.


I want a good one with a thick lining that I can wear every day of my holiday.


Well it does have to match my jacket.


Both are touch screen capable, of course, this is the future afterall. While I'm not that much of a fan of the stripes, the extra length will be under my jacket sleeves for extra warmth. 


I'm a bit torn between style and comfort here. Boots would make sense but I will be doing a significant amount of walking for the entire trip where sneakers would be handy. I want one pair of good shoes I can wear the entire trip basically. 

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