Condition Before You Shampoo??

13 September 2014

Okay so the other day I was reading an article on Refinery29 "Have we been conditioning our hair wrong??" Of course I click on it, thinking oh god have I? The normal way being shampooing your hair in the shower and then rinsing and then conditioning before rinsing again and you're done. 

The article claims that using your conditioner before you shampoo, before you even shower perhaps can be the difference between "soft locks and incredibly silky, bouncy tresses".
Of course I'm intrigued. I'm a big fan of my own hair and like to look after it and anything claiming to make your hair super lovely in worth trying in my books.

So the next night when I have some spare time, I jump in the shower, dampen my hair, and then condition the heck out of it. It smelled lovely like coconuts. You're suppose to leave it to soak in for
about an hour.

I tied up my hair on top of my head and settled in to play the new Sims 4, which is great by the way!
Finally an hour was up and I got into the shower and rinsed out the conditioner. My hair felt lovely as I rinsed out the conditioner. Then I shampooed it, so that your hair isn't greasy from not washing it and just conditioning it. Then I towel dried it a little and left it to dry naturally.

I did have to go to bed then, since my current work schedule is death and I wake up at 4.30am each morning.

Ugh okay here is the after shot. Pretend it's not a blurry 5am iphone shot, as it is.

Christ it turned out awful! My hair was not soft or lucious or good at all. It had a whole bunch of knots it was super frizzy and my hair isn't even usually frizzy. It was terrible and not what I wanted to deal with that early in the morning.

So the end result of this was FAIL. Have I been conditioning my hair wrong all this time? Negative my hair is lovely all the time thank you with my regular shampoo and then conditioning.

The top photo is my hair when I use my regular products and in case you were wondering here is what they are:

  • Garnier Fructis Oil Roots/Dry Ends Shampoo & Conditioner - this stuff is amazing and gets me more days out of my hair, as well as making it super super soft
  • Edward Beale Argan Oil - After you wash your hair, towel dry it a tad, then put a small about into your palms and massage it into your hair for beautiful soft, no knots amazing smelling hair
  • L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil - Similar to the argan oil, (use one or the other) smells like flowers and makes your hair amazing. 


  1. I've seen this theory a few times but never tried it out myself. Your normal hair looks lovely, I might have to try out some of the products you've mentioned.

    1. If you try anything, definitely try argan oil, it is a godsend! x


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