Let's Buy Stuff

14 September 2014

I think I be really good at saving for ages and then I splurge a bit and it's too much but oh well. I have successfully saved enough money for my entire holiday and spending money and now all extra is just going towards furniture for when I move out. So I'm gonna allow myself to buy some clothing every now and then I think. I got a discount on all of these items too so I'm going to count that as a win anyway.

So here's what I bought:

  1. Ballerina Playsuit - Dotti
  2. Hideaway Co Ords - Princess Polly
  3. Motel Sunflower Dress - Universal Store 
  4. Baby Blue Laser Cut Out Top - Dotti
  5. Zebra Print Scoop Top - Dotti
I also managed to find some stuff I wanted for my Winter USA trip! Here's a sneak peak! I bought everything online but I'll post about them when they arrive. 

Cya! xx

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