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22 September 2014

I may have worked 5 days this week, but I still managed to find a little bit of time for myself. Well mostly on the weekend.
  1. I made myself a new cover photo for Facebook
  2. Went and got my ears pierced for the second time, the lady slipped with the piercing gun and put a hole right near my first one. Thanks lady.
  3. The week was bloody stressful, I managed to not cry until the last day of the third week. That Friday after work was such a relief. Thank god for the weekend.
  4. I had Saturday off, and went to Hunt & Gather Markets! The markets are amazing, they're held in Newcastle NSW on the 3rd Saturday of every month, and each time I go they're even better with more goodies to find. Check out their website too! (which my boyfriend's talented sister designed!)
  5. Went and had lunch at 3Monkeys on Darby Street, I ate delicious bruschetta and he had a salt and pepper squid salad.
  6. Sneaky photos. I'm wearing my new Motel Rocks Sunflower dress and cute necklace I bought from the Markets from White Daisy Clothing
  7. Bought some super cute earrings from Wilson & Wilson at the markets to wear when my new piercing heals up!
  8. I just can't sit outside without my beagle attacking me. 
  9. My solar powered dancing Groot came! He's now living on my car's dashboard. I got this beauty from etsy Seller StudioKitsu.
  10. Finally got out my new bag layby from Abicus on Darby St. I bought it to take with me to America as my current handbag is a bit large. The brand is Status Anxiety and they make the best leather goods, my wallet is also from them. 
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Hope you had a good week! Cya! xx

Also lack of posts is 100% in relation to 40+ hour work weeks that are the death of me. Hope to be back soon. 

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