Dealing with Shitty People

28 August 2014

Unfortunately dealing with shitty people is something that should be classified as a Life Skill. Because it doesn't matter what age you are or where you are in life. You will come across shitty people.

It will be a school kid in kindergarten stealing your coloured pencils, grade school kids not letting you sit with them. Bitches in high school not inviting you places. And it gets easier once you leave school. You are not forced to be with a significant amount of people every single week day that you more or less hate or just do not get along with. Then you move into the workplace, and the shitty people will be your fellow coworkers or god damn it they will be the customers. Always the customers.

(This post isn't about dealing with shitty customers though. That's a whole other ballgame.)

One of the worst situations though can be when the shitty person is part of your general friend group. Especially when all of your other friends love them. This seems to happen an annoying amount, whether the rest of the friend's group just never see's their rotten side or perhaps they just enjoy all those shitty qualities.

Ways to Go About It

  • Say Something to Them (for the Brave): Stand up for yourself! Say something! It's easier to say you should do this than to actually do it. Confront them, what's your problem buddy. Why are you such a jerk. etc. Say something at the time that they're actually doing something or confront them when they least expect it.
  • Have Someone Else Say Something (for the less brave): If another friend is feeling charitable, you can get them to say something to the friend (frenemy?) for you. Ask them what their deal is, maybe tell them to stop being such a jerk. It would also be handy if a friend could stick up for you at the time, but come on this never happens.
  • Ignore Them: A common method. Maybe it's the hardest? Just because you're ignoring it doesn't mean it's not happening and that it's not affecting you. Continue living your life just avoiding that asshole. If that person is in your workplace or friends group this can be really tough. There's not much to this step. It's just crappy.
  • Get Revenge: Let the air out of their tyres. Burn their house down. Steal their dog (and adopt and love it as your own! You'll care for that pooch better than they ever would.) Snap all their pencils. "Accidentally" drop their iPhone and/or iPad underneath your car. Romance and steal away their beloved.

If you're feeling really down or hopeless because of how some shitty person is treating you, please tell someone. Tell someone who cares, someone who can help, someone that's not going to call you weak or stupid or make fun of you. (If they do that here's a newsflash, they're a shitty person too)

Everyone has to deal with shitty people at some points in their lives, but remember it doesn't last forever, it's not permanent and you can escape. Stay Strong!

Cya x

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