Booking Our Holiday - Part 1

26 August 2014

Woohoo! We have finally booked the first part of our holiday to North America and I'm so excited! Look how cute we are standing with our moneys underneath the picture of North America, our lovely travel agent Rachel from STA Travel Kotara. She was really good and just as excited to book our holiday as we were.

We had to withdraw the money in cash so that we wouldn't get charged a fee for using our debit card. Which is really weird in my opinion. The banks' rule not the travel agency's.

Anyway our flights are booked!

Here's our itinerary. 

Depart Sydney - Feb 1st
Arrive in Los Angeles - Feb 1st (gotta love that time difference)

Depart Los Angeles - Feb 4th
Arrive in Mammoth Lakes - Feb 4th

Depart Mammoth Lakes - 8th Feb
Arrive in San Francisco - 8th Feb

Depart San Francisco - 13th Feb
Arrive in Portland - 13th Feb

Depart Portland - 17th Feb
Arrive in New York City - 17th Feb

Depart New York City - 24th Feb
Arrive in Los Angeles - 24th Feb

Depart Los Angeles - 24th Feb
Arrive in Sydney 26th Feb (damn that time difference)

I'm so excited! More updates to come.

Cya x

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