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23 August 2014

I post a lot of wishlists, and I recently just rambled how I don't even want anything. Well maybe I don't know what I want until I see it? Yes.
Here are a few of my purchases. I only layby'd the bag though as I want it for when I go to America. It's a handy size.

1. Law of the Wild Bag - Status Anxiety
2. The Shining Pants - RES Denim
3. Hunting Call Tank - MinkPink

Also another striped MinkPink top, thats more casual. I finally bought those Posh Windsor Smith shoes to wear to Josh's sisters wedding.  Dancing Groot from etsy and the newest Nancy Drew game because they had a half price sale. It's downloading now.

 & I bought Sarah a lil gift + card. ;)

I was talking about my savings and saving money last night and I am very good at saving but never had a set amount that I had to save per week. I just saved a lot of my pay. We worked out that I can and should save at least $300 a week. & If I do that from now until February 1st (when I go on Vacation), I will have saved an extra $6,600.

My current goal is to have fully paid for my holiday flights and accommodation, and have $2,000 spending money. Then still have $10,000 in the bank for when I get back to move into our new place.
I think sitting down and working it all, and deciding how much I should be able to save in that time made it more stressful, like oh you have to save $300 a week now don't spend too much! When in reality I had been saving about $600 a week anyway. But today I spent $450 on stuff. So. Yes.

Which seems like heaps, but my Spendee app tells me that I've saved 71% of my wage this month. Which is really really good. Go me!

Cya x

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