Payday Wishlist 21/8

21 August 2014

If I don't want very much every pay day, does that make me not greedy or just indecisive?

Dancing Baby Groot - Etsy
These sweeties are handmade by Etsy Store Studio Kitsu. They are based off the solar powered dancing flowers, and boy oh boy am I so keen to get my paws on one. If you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, get onto that.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls on PS4 - EB Games
Me & Josh (the bf) love to play multiplayer games together and there wasn't currently a good one available on PS4 but there is now! I'm going to buy it for him, well for me, for us. Shhh he doesn't know. He doesn't read my blog either ;)

The Sims 4 (ON MAC YOU BASTARDS) - EB Games
I'm sorry but it is 2014, quite a lot of us have Macs now! Damn it! Why is there not even any news of the Mac?? I was so so excited. I had to cancel my freaking preorder, that was fully paid off because I won't be able to play it. *angry face*

Purple & Gold Travel Wallet - Kikki K
I love travel and being organised. So this is why I need this wallet. I love how it has labels everywhere. For extra organisation. The only thing that is holding me up at current, is that the gold little diamonds on the outside can wear off quite quickly. But I mean it would still look pretty if it was purple and didn't have the gold on it. But still they aren't super cheap for that kind of easily wearing off type of flaw.

What else do I want.. I don't know! I want to go to Newtown tomorrow! On one of my only days off. And I really want to buy a big cuddly anorak that I can take with me on vacation to tackle the American Winter. I don't have one in mind as of yet but hopefully I can find one tomorrow.

Cya ! x

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