July Goals - Updated

3 August 2014

I'm falling over myself on how fast the months are actually going. July is over! In fact it's been over for a few days. Let's see how I did with July's goals.

1. Get My Full License - DONE

Hell yeah I did! First go too! I'm officially on a grown up non restricted license! I wrote all about it here.

2. No Spend July - SORT OF..

Okay so my No Spend July was mainly a success. I wanted to at least buy no clothing, and I made it to the final week of July but then Vanishing Elephant had a 50% off sale on their winter gear and come on I can't go past that. Then I bought some new things from my work (the clothing store) to wear to work though. But overall, looking at my Spendee pie chart I saved over 60% of my wage! Awesome! 

3. Hit My Savings Target + Go Past it! - BAM DONE

I'm feeling pretty successful with my goals so far. Woop. I sure did hit my goal and I have gone past it but not by too much, but I am well on my way to hitting my second goal of $15k saved! 

4. Start Planning & Booking My USA Holiday - STARTED

Well I got confirmation from both of my jobs that I can have February off for my holiday, which was what was holding me back a lot. Now I'm waiting on Josh to renew his passport, and then we are going to go to sit down with an STA rep and start planning our holiday and paying it off. Excitement is rising. 

5. Cook & Pack Food instead of Buying - YES

I brought food to all of my big work shifts, and Josh's mum even sent stir fry with me one of the days, what a sweetheart. I've actually already cooked and refrigerated my lunch for some of my shifts this week. 

I'm feeling mighty successful actually! Go me! 

I hope August can go this well! x

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