October Goals - Updated

31 October 2014

I really should have checked back at my October goals list at some point. Ah well. I can't even really say that I have been busy really. It's the next 2 months that will be non stop.

1. Keep Calm & Carry On - MOSTLY YES
Work was/is super stressful this month. I just really need to get through to the end of the year.

2. Worry Less - HA PROBABLY NOT
I get this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and I think I have had it all month. Worrying less is more work than just telling myself to do so. 

3. Beach more! - NOPE
Josh is my beach buddy really, and he has had so much uni work that he's just been busy all the time, and I don't live near the beach (yet!) So this was definitely a fail. 

4. Post More! Again - SUPER DONE
Yeah! At least I did this! I love creating posts. So that's fun. 

5. Start Booking Accommodation for our Vacation! - NO..
Well my passport arrived, but again with Josh being super busy, we haven't been able to sit down and start booking yet. 

Oh and

And don't forget, if you don't feel like dressing up and anyone comments, just listen to the wise words of Wednesday Addams. 

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