Happy Birthday to Me

10 November 2014

Me being a cutie on my 4th Birthday

It's my birthday month! In fact my birthday has already passed by.
On November 3rd I turned the old age of 22.

 I asked for money for IKEA this year and everyone was soo good to me! Thanks family!
I love furniture shopping so much I did a trip to IKEA for my birthday. Which would seem lame for people that live 10 minutes from their nearest store, but living a solid 2 hours from the nearest IKEA means that any trip there is rare and an adventure.

Armed with a vague list, gift cards, and my boyfriend pushing a trolley we ventured! The only rule was nothing that we couldn't fit in the car. I think we did pretty well. Here's what we bought!

1. Cushion | 2. Cutlery Stand | 3. Dish Drainer | 4. Cushion | 5. Wooden Spoon | Whisk | Pasta Server | Ice-Cream Scoop | 6. Soap Dispenser | 7. Pot Stand | Wooden Chopping Board | 8. Hemnes Bedside Table | 9. Stockholm Rug | Grey Shag Rug |

Apart from buying stuff we managed to accumulate a lot of inspiration. IKEA, we will be back!

It was a pretty good birthday and I can't wait to start moving in all my stuff!

I ended the day with a family dinner at a mexican restaurant.

Me, My Mum & My Sister

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