Go Braless!

22 November 2014

Backless dresses, and strappy tops. Anything that shows a little too much sideboob. Constant dilemmas in the female fashion world. They want us to hide it away but show it at the same time.

Strapless bras are often a disaster. I spent an entire work shift the other day pulling it back up after it kept falling down underneath my dress. And no boob size doesn't seem to relate to holding those things up.

Then we have the stick on bras. Silicone or fabric. Most people have given this a go for their backless dresses, and they work for a while.. sort of. Firstly if you sweat at all you run the risk of your stick on boobies just falling off completely. If your dress has cut out sides you may not even be able to position them so that you can't see them, which is annoying as hell. They make your boobs look odd shapes as they sit awkwardly on top. Worst of all they don't even come in many sizes. The largest being a D cup, but I can hardly find them, as most stores only stock up to a C.

Enter Nipple concealers or covers. I only just discovered these and man I have been free boobing it half the time now. These little silicone covers are reusable, and in the shape of like a squished flower. They are super cheap, and you can wear them under anything. Obviously they don't offer any support, but girl you are young and you rock those strappy and sheer dresses!

They are usually quite cheap to purchase as well, so I completely recommend giving them a go!

Nipple Concealers - Cotton On Body $6.95
Nipple Covers - Bras & Things $14.99


  1. That tagline, though! "No more headlights" haha!

    I would love to go braless all the time -the underwire is just so uncomfortable. I am very conflicted between going braless or getting a really pretty bra that I can show off. :P Maybe it's time to invest in either bralettes or those nipple stickers.

    1. I would love to get a really pretty bra, I think it's hard to spend much money on something no one really sees, Well I will see it and know I look fab.

  2. Haha I had to read this post just for the fun of it! Made me laugh, lol.

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  3. A good idea to go braless with the disposable nipple cover stickers and save much money to spend on bras as it is very cheap, reusable and can wear under anything especially if you want to wear strapless, backless dresses. Thanks for sharing the post.


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