Our Urban Townhouse

20 November 2014

My partner Josh and I are about to move into our first home together. A lovely 2 storey townhouse in arguably the best part of town.

A 10 minute walk or 5 minute bike ride from the beach, and a 1 minute walk from an entire street full of boutiques and restaurants.

The townhouse is nestled at the back of a block of units, with a single garage and 3 bedrooms. The entire house is tiled with a light creamy coloured square tile, which means we have a great excuse to use as many rugs as we like, probably. We've already purchased a large black and white one from IKEA for the living area and a dark grey shaggy rug for the bedroom.

We have our very own cute sized courtyard that is paved at current but is soon to be renovated with decking installed. The deck will come up high enough that you will be able to step straight out of the back doors without going up or down. The entire back windows/doors are able to be opened as well so that it's all very open living. I love the vines that are growing up the top as well, and would love if they would completely cover the lattice!

I'll probably keep the pots but replace the plants in there with something better suited, as the courtyard doesn't often get full sun.

Our single garage leads into the house with a sliding door making for easy entry after we put our car away. Also that incredibly large cardboard box? Our couch! Waiting to be unpacked when we move in! 

Cleaning supplies are currently hanging on hooks on the walls, but I'm going to purchase a cupboard (this one) and fit it with hooks and shelves etc and keep it in the corner to have all our cleaning stuff in, including the vacuum. 

One thing we don't have to worry about in the kitchen is storage space, though the pull-out pantry is quite narrow and could be done better. But the excess cupboard space means food can be stored elsewhere as well. We also won't be short on bench space which is always handy. We might add some bar stools in front of the bench eventually for extra seating on top of our dining table. 

The living area is all one big room, so we needed a slim dining table that's not too long, for it to fit in the space properly. The previous tenants (Josh's Sister & husband) used this table which fit the space perfectly, but they're selling it now so that we can put our own in. We're currently looking at the Stockholm table from IKEA.

The following pictures are super boring & bare. The Before images. But it will be awesome to see how good the rooms look after we move in and decorate!

The Master Bedroom (also me)
The Guest Bedroom
The Study
We already have so many ideas and furniture picked out for all the rooms so I'm super super excited to start decorating! 

The Entryway
The entryway will be a difficult section to style as it's so small and narrow. We are hoping to put a narrow shoe cabinet from IKEA on the right there, (where the trolley is) as long as we are still not blocking the under stairs storage. 

Josh & I were lucky enough to basically be handed a lovely rental property, but beforehand when we were just browsing for places online, it was really tough to find something that we loved, had a great location and that was in our price range. It would have been sooo much easier with a website like Compass

Urban Compass is a website that helps match you to your ideal apartment. With heaps of helpful tools such as ones that help you find the perfect neighbourhood for you. They have a great section of Neighbourhood Guides which is such a useful addition, because moving to a new place, a new city, (especially New York City!) can be super daunting, and you want to know that you're making the right decision for you. The detailed look on the area is exactly what I would want when deciding on a new neighbourhood to look for.

 It's only available in New York at the moment. So hopefully someday there will be something just as cool for me to use in Australia. 

Cya! xx


  1. My partner and I rent his Dads investment apartment.. we get an 8% discount (realestate costs) which is handy but we love to have them over as family guests, not landords! I hope you love it. It looks stunning! Bec x

    1. Thanks Bec! This is what I'm hoping for anyway! x

  2. Your new place is toooo cute! And in literally the perfect part of town.
    Ben and I were looking at places near Darby street as well! I love that area.

  3. Hey Tegan! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. You live near Darby st? That is so cool! Do you to to Goldbergs very often? It is my favorite restaurant ever! I wish I still lived close to Newcastle... I hope you have a lovely time living in your new townhouse. :D

    1. I do! I love Goldbergs! They have great pasta! Thanks for your comment Britt, I can't wait til I move into my new place! xx

  4. Hi Tegan! I just started reading your blog. It is so interesting! Do you think maybe you could do a DIY // crafts post soon? I really love your vintage style!!


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