Chill Out with Smoko Inc!

27 November 2014

A little while ago, (probably ages ago) I posted about Smoko Inc's amazing toastie handwarmers on my tumblr and it ended up getting quite a few notes. (26,000!) As a thank you they sent me a few goodies that I could enjoy & also show off on my blog.

At the time I did post a selfie with the stuff, but now that I have a proper blog I thought I should properly review and thank them! Because it was super generous! Especially sending it all the way to the island of Australia!  :)

Pictured Above:
Toast USB Wired Handwarmers (Tato) | S'Mores USB Heated Slippers | Toaster USB Hub | 2 x Toast USBs (Tato + Crisp) |

The USBs are 8GB each and look super cute on their own or in their matching little toaster USB hub.
The USB hub has 4 USB ports, and a spot for a camera card as well! Which is handy for if your computer doesn't have one.

The Toast Handwarmers are perfect for Winter and as they're USB powered, you can plug them straight into your computer so that your fingers don't freeze while you type.
Or you can plug them straight into anything else that has a USB port.

The S'mores slippers are probably the sweetest things ever, and they also heat up via a cord and USB! But you can unplug and wear them as regular slippers too if you like.
I plugged mine into my PS4 USB ports while I play so that my toes stay toastie while I game.

Looking pensive with desserts on my feet

Cya! xx

*These items were provided to me to be reviewed, all opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. OMG those are just too adorable!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Amazing!!!

  3. ahhhhhh food themed clothing is so totally very much my jam. I need it all!


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