Boxing Day + Starting to Move

29 December 2014

In our Christmas Outfits. 
I'm super excited to do more posts now that we have our couples Christmas present, a brand new Sony Camera! We are still learning how to use it, but it's super nifty, and now we'll be able to take great photos while we are on Vacation in February! Obviously a bonus is that I can now take sweet blog photos too!

I was super spoilt this Christmas by my family! And I wasn't even expecting it! Here are just some of the goodies that I was gifted, in preparation for my moving in January. I looove the blue DeLonghi Kettle & matching 4 slice toaster! They have brown leather accents which really tie in with the rest of the house. (You'll be seeing plenty of them in the future!)

My Joseph Joseph chopping board set, (I love Joseph Joseph!) I got a Stanley Rogers Knife Block, which is very nice, and grey towel sheets (so they're extra large). My Nan & Mum bought me a hair dryer & a beautiful white GHD Hair Straightener! Was not expecting that! Also not pictured are the gifts I got from Josh's parents. a Gordon Ramsay Royal Doulton Dinnerware set, 3 x Scanpan saucepan set and a Scanpan wok! #blessed

My Boxing Day plan was for Josh & I to head to the townhouse and start moving all the various homewares that I had accumulated through the year, and at Christmas, that were currently just stored in an empty room upstairs. We fully stuffed the car with all of our homewares, so much that I barely had any leg room, but I am little anyway.

Stupid smiling face please ignore
I started putting away all of our kitchenware, there was quite a lot, especially after all the Christmas presents. We had a few towels and sheets to put away in the linen closet as well. While it all seems quite lame it was all very exciting. This whole moving out of home and moving in together is finally starting to feel very real!

While I unpacked, Josh played with the camera, and then rearranged the furniture (the rug & lounge) and then put them back the way they were again, then he napped. But that was okay because now everything in the kitchen is where I want it!

From Instagram
Our bed & bedside tables got delivered the other day as well so that was wonderful. I really wanted to put them together that day as well. And we did (hooray!) But no pictures just yet, of our empty bedframe. But you can see the bed & duvet cover we bought here.

To finish up the day, we continued with our Boxing Day tradition of seeing the new (& last) Hobbit Film! It was pretty good, but we both agreed that the second film was the best one. Not ready to say good night just yet, we then went to another movie, Big Hero 6! Which was only just released in Australia. I enjoyed both films but Big Hero 6 was actually the best of the two! We just love Disney Pixar, and Baymax is the cutest.

I hope you had a great Boxing Day too!
Cya! xx


  1. Looks like you got some great stuff, that's so sweet of your family! And your couch + rug combo is so modern and stylish! I would have never thought to put those two together, but it really works. Btw you are really gorgeous! You look stunning in that top photo, girl!

    Z. | J. POTTER

  2. I love the look of your apartment (that gold pillar is a great accent). Also your taste in furnishing is very similar to mine, so I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like. Good luck on the transition and enjoy your new goodies!

    Another Beautiful Thing

  3. So excited for you and the move! Can't wait to see the finished look of your place, looks soooo nice so far with all the gorgeous appliances and linens you've received :) xo Naomi

  4. Such an exciting time! I love the look you're going for, can't wait to see more

  5. I absolutely love this post! The photo of you both is gorgeous (now they're what i call bangs!) and I love the styling of your home. Can't wait to see more as you post then! Exciting times!

    Lucy x

  6. Your new house looks lush! It must be so exciting :)

  7. I just fell deeply in love with your carpet and the couch! Looks so cozy

  8. I love your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)

    Michaella from

  9. Wishing you the loveliest new year xx

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  10. Wow you really are gorgeous. I really really enjoyed reading this post. I am a nosey person so I love seeing what people got for Christmas. You got such amazing stuff, I am both super jealous and happy for you. That camera looks surreal, can't wait to see blog photos from it :) The kitchen area looks really cool too, I really like your home decor style. Moving into a new home is always so exciting, and I definitely sensed it in this post, I wish you all the best with your move and with 2015 :)


  11. your new place looks lovely! The ghds look cute!

  12. love the look of your new place! x

  13. Your rug is FANTASTIC!! Glad the move seems to have gone well!

  14. I love your rug! xx

  15. Eep how exciting is this! It's really exciting getting a camera too :) love the rug and I want that chopping board set even though I live at home haha xxx

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