Browtique Newcastle - A Review

4 December 2014 New Lambton NSW, Australia

Today me and my sister Kayla went and got our brows done at this fabulous new place in Newcastle (New Lambton) called Browtique. I came across them through instagram and was super impressed with all their before and after shots so I knew I had to make a booking.

Browtique is run in this cute little turquoise shop on Alma Rd by a lovely lady named Kirby.
I texted in and easily made a booking within 2 weeks for my sister and I. Boy were we excited.

The store was easy to find in it's gorgeous stand out colour and was super cute inside. Bright and kind of vintage.

Kirby was super nice and asked questions about how we would like our eyebrows and if we wanted them tinted. We both chose not to get them tinted though as they were already quite close to our hair colour. The whole process was relatively painless compared to a lot of brow waxing I've gone to, and the wax was a pretty pastel pink colour, which is always important of course.

It was about 40 minutes for each of us, which is longer than you would be at a regular eyebrow waxing place, because she focuses a lot more on the overall shape of your brows, not just on tidying it up like a lot of places.

My before and after

Kayla's before and after.

Overall I was super super happy with the results, as was Kayla. We will definitely be back.
It was $29 each for the Signature Brow Service, which was completely worth it, I also bought a Brow Magic Pencil by Poni Cosmetics. Kirby uses them when she does client's eyebrows, and they're amazing as the pencil is super skinny and it's one colour for all brows, you just press softer or harder to change the colour from lighter to dark.

You can follow Browtique on Instagram here & like them on Facebook here.
Just a heads up though, she's booked out until next year!
I told you she was good! xx


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  1. I love your brows! They look super good :)


  2. Woah, they look AMAZING!

  3. Aah! I got really excited about this thinking you meant England Newcastle then I remembered you're from Australia! I'm gutted - we could definitely do with something like this here! Gorgeous results on both of you! xx

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    1. That always tricks me too about people in the UK!

  4. I would happily go to Australia just to get my brows done there! Looks amazing!

  5. Wow wow wow. A shop just for eyebrows? YES. Man, I really need to get my eyebrow situation organized, hahaha. I wish I had naturally full eyebrows as you two. I feel like mine grows in all kinds of unhelpful ways hahhaha.

    1. They're that good that she can just do eyebrows and be fine! Love it! x

  6. Great tattoos!


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