USA Vacation: Where I'm Staying

31 January 2015

I leave tomorrow (Feb 1st) on my month long vacation with Josh to the USA! I'm so excited and it's come around so so fast. I probably (unfortunately) won't be as active on here during February, (I'll be too busy having the time of my life!) But I will definitely (hopefully) be able to spare some time for a few posts.

I thought I would start off by doing a post on all the places that we will be travelling to and staying during the month, check them out! Also I would love any tips from locals or past travellers on places to visit/dine & shop!

The Hotel Hollywood


Probably the least pretty accommodation that we have booked but the most affordable. We picked The Hotel Hollywood for it's prime position and easy access. As well as it's incredibly welcoming price. We will only be here 3 nights, the least out of every place that we go to. Our dream may have been to stay in the Ace Hotel, but our bank accounts wouldn't exactly suffice. We'd rather save that extra money for activities anyway!

Juniper Springs Resort


Probably our most expensive accommodation and arguably the prettiest, located far East of Los Angeles lies Mammoth Lakes, and this beautiful resort. I am super super excited about this place, mostly because I haven't been skiing in years and I love to ski, but also because this place looks amazing. We have a studio apartment with gas fireplace on the snow, and I just can't wait! 

Cole Valley Apartment
I have never used AirBnb Before but off many positive reviews from friends we decided to give it a go. Well we decided to give it a go three times actually! San Francisco is our first of 3 AirBnb locations. I absolutely love the look of the place and cannot wait to visit!

Modern Basement Studio

From what I can tell on that map screenshot, we will be staying right in the centre of everything in Portland which is fantastic. I'm still not very knowledgeable on Portland, though I'm very keen to explore it! I'll be here on Valentines Day too. :)

Lower East Side Studio

New York City. The final stop in our awesome adventure. We're staying in the Lower East Side. This was a tough one as there were so many great areas and apartments to choose from but hopefully we made the right decision. This studio is a tad more vintage than some of the others but certainly has a whole lot of charm. 

If you haven't noticed by my excessive use of exclamation marks, and how many times I have literally stated it, I AM SO EXCITED! 12 hours til I board my plane and set off for America! 
Woo hoo! 
Cya Australia! xx


  1. what an awesome trip! I'm an LA native and it's even one of my dreams to merely hang out at/stay at the Ace Hotel...but budgeting is so important. I think it's a GREAT decision to visit mammoth-mammoth mountain is one of my favorite resorts of all time, and i find the terrain to be world-class...I hope you enjoy it. I've never stayed at Juniper Springs because my family usually does condos with friends, but another + of that hotel is it's at Eagle Lodge, which is the most low-key and in my opinion the best starting point on the mountain. I hope you enjoy your trip to America, and I hope Mammoth gets a decent amount of snow when you're there! Depending on your level of skiing, I recommend the top of the mountain, especially Cornice (one of the most famous runs), and if weather permits, Dave's Run. I also recommend a burger joint there called Burger's (it's great!), there's a fun old-school (but not necessarily retro) breakfast place called The Stove, and if you're road-tripping from LA I could even give you stops along the way. Hope you have a great trip
    xx Sarah
    Russian Dressing

  2. WOW you are staying at some amazing places! Going the AirBNB route is definitely the way to go. I was just in California and stayed in one on Venice Beach - it was fantastic! I hope you have a great time!


  3. This sounds awesome, Tegan (and the accommodation looks great)! Hope you guys have a safe flight and a fantastic time over there :)

  4. I'm so jealous! Have the time of your life!

    Shannon x

  5. Wow this place looks amazing !!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  6. Sounds AMAZING! Have an awesome time!
    Ive been to New York and loved it, would love to visit more of the U.S.!
    Can't wait for photos!

    Lucy x

  7. Wow! Not going to lie I'm a tad jealous haha, all the accommodation looks so nice I was going to say my favourite but I genuinely couldn't pick. Hope you have a fantastic month!


  8. Just, WOW! hope you have a fantastic time, safe travels!

  9. I have used AirBnB before and they are great! Usually have great locations and they are really affordable.The people renting out their places are usually nice too :) have an amazing time. Can't wait to hear all about it when you come back! xx

  10. I hope you have a ton of fun over here!
    Your trip already looks like it will be fantastic and I can't wait to see the photos you take !

    Take Care
    The Coco Nicole ❤

  11. Your holiday plans sound wonderful! I'd love to visit Portland one day so I really can't wait to hear about your experience there.Bon voyage! x

  12. Have a wonderful time in USA! I wish I were in your shoes!:)

  13. Have a blast!! Can't wait to see all of the photos you will be taking of your trip and hear about the adventures! :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  14. You'll be so close! I hope you have a GREAT time! When you're in New York, go to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolates! I forgot to do that and I'm KICKING myself. I'm so excited for you! (And I live here haha. I just feel your excitement!) // US Lifestyle Blog

  15. Great post ! Your photos are stunning !


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