A Quick Review: Wild

28 January 2015

So on Saturday Night I went to the dinner & the cinema, kind of a casual double date, (we went to Grill'd) and saw the film Wild. This wasn't a movie that I had heard much about, apart from reading a brief interview with main star Reese Witherspoon. And to be honest, it didn't really interest me that much, in terms of the types and genres of movies that I usually tend to see. I'm not one for dramas. Even though I am an avid moviegoer.

Wild is a film based on the nonfiction book about a woman, Cheryl Strayed [Witherspoon], who realises with great anguish that her life has no value. So she takes a 90 day hike through the Pacific Crest Trail on a journey of self discovery. A film riddled with flashbacks, we discover throughout the film what drove Cheryl to take this hike alone in the first place.

I was pleasantly surprised that a film that is one person walking through the woods, still contains a lot of depth and story. While not my general cup of the tea the movie is well filmed, with Witherspoon doing a brilliant job of portraying the protagonist.

Real life Cheryl Strayed was incredibly pleased with how the book was brought to the silver screen, saying that "Every time I see it I get chills." Well Witherspoon must have done a good job, as she's already been nominated for an Academy Award for her role.


  1. Haven't heard about this movie before..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. I recently saw this movie too - definitely not the kind of film I usually go for but was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  3. Ooh I wasn't sure whether to go see this film but I think I will now I've read your positive review of it! :) wild isn't actually a film I've seen many bloggers reviewing either so thank you for sharing!

    Beth x


  4. this movie reminds me of "into the wild" which is my favourite movie and i also love reese witherspoon so ill definetly have to see it!!!

  5. I've heard so much about this movie but it honestly doesn't interest a whole lot or make me want to see it! xx

  6. I'm currently reading the book (will watch the movie once I'm done) and it's freaking amazing. Absolutely fascinating. I can't wait for the movie now.

  7. I really want to see it! Reese Whiterspoon is a pretty good actress, so it should be a good one.
    mortem blonde

  8. Never even heard of this film! Sounds good and familiar to a film I just watched (can't remember the name for the life of me). This sounds good! xx


  9. I've heard mixed reviews about this, but I do think Reece is a good actress. Will add it to my list :)

    Lucy x

  10. I want to see this so bad but I think I'm going to read it first. Love your blog!


  11. Saw this advertised and really want to see it- this post has reminded me that I've yet to see it ^.^
    Lovely post! <3


  12. I want to see this as it reminds me a little of Into The Wild!



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