Illamasqua Essential Brush Set Review

25 January 2015

I recently participated in ASOS' Christmas Instagram competition and was lucky enough to win the Illamasqua Essential Brush Set. I was super excited as I have never owned such a beautiful and good quality set of makeup brushes before. The brushes come in a faux leather travel case, are hypoallergenic and made of synthetic hairs. Because Illamasqua is super animal friendly, Which is definitely something that I care about.

The set comes with 5 essential brushes.

Angled Brush

The Angled Brush is wonderful for creating defined and precise lines. Can be used for multiple things such as shaping the foundation around your lips, or defining your eyeline. I'll most likely be using mine as a brow filler tool, all I need now is some sweet brow powder. Guess my brow magic pencil will have to do for now.

Lip Brush

A rounded edge flat lip brush that is ideal for applying lipstick. It is inspiring me to purchase more now that I have such a good application tool. I would love a good taupe lippy.

Highlighter Brush

This Highlighter Brush is exactly the type of brush I need to perfect my contouring skills. Writing this post has made me realise there are quite a few makeup supplies that I wish to purchase. (watch out Sephora) This versatile brush can also be used to apply liquid and powder foundation! Nifty!

Eyeshadow Brush

Most eyeshadow palettes that I seem to purchase come with the incredibly crap weird double ended foam eyeshadow applicators. For some reason someone many years ago decided that they were good for eyeshadow. They were incredibly wrong. They're terrible. This eyeshadow brush on the other hand is perfect, soft on your eyelids, and is good at holding the eyeshadow as you transfer it to your lids. Can be used with both cream and powder textured eyeshadows.

Blending Brush

I find Blending Brushes are something you don't realise you need until you're following some sweet eyeshadow tutorial, and it requires you to blend all the colours in so that they are perfect and you only have your eyeshadow brush and you're just mushing around crazily. Yes well this is where the blending brush comes in. Soft circles over your makeup is enough to blend the colours wonderfully without removing it all.

I love all of these brushes! There is no doubt they will become an essential part of my daily routine. But I probably would never have bought them myself because of the price. Which then I would have greatly missed out on these top quality brushes! This won't be the last I try of Illamasqua.

Cya! xx


  1. Cool!they seem really good!

  2. These sound amazing! It's really good that they are animal friendly too, very important :) xx

  3. These seem awesome, I've just bought some new brushes too. I totally agree about the crap double ended eyeshadow sponge in palettes, ugh!

    Lucy x

  4. They look amazing. A good variety too. I think I'm currently missing a blending blush!

    Chloe The Redhead | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  5. Hehe blending sure makes a difference! Great post!


  6. I only recently started wearing eyeshadow and now I really want to try an eyeshadow brush. Those little foamy ones and my fingers just don't cut it.

  7. love the look of these - especially the blending brush! x

  8. Congrats on winning the Instagram competition! These look so luxurious and soft, lucky you! :)

    ElizaDeath Taylor | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  9. These brushes look awesome! And that they're cruelty-free ;) I really want some new ones xx

  10. There is nothing better than a good set of makeup brushes. What a great prize. Jx

  11. I've never tried illamasqua brushes before, but they look really good, I will definitely be stopping by the Illamasqua counter soon!


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