Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

9 May 2015

I used to be a tightass when it came to makeup. I would say that I still kinda am, but during my time in America, I bought a heck of a lot of makeup. And definitely not items that I would consider cheap either. I am always quite cheap when it comes to foundation for some reason, and this seems dumb as I would call it the most important part of my morning beauty regime. Well at least the it is the largest visual part.

Can you believe that I go into Priceline Pharmacies and basically hope for the best that the foundation will match my skin tone? I would maybe trial a tester, but how easy is it to tell your own skin and face colour, by yourself under fluorescent lights? It's not easy, in fact it's very hard.

The Foundation

I had a leftover $50 Myer gift voucher that I hadn't used yet, and for some reason I had completely forgotten Myer had a beauty section. I just tended to avoid it. I sat down to get my face colour matched by the Clinique lady.
 I had seen a few reviews online before making my decision on this foundation, but what I remembered the most was a lot of people saying that the foundation was too dark for their skin tone. Even in the lightest shade. So to no surprise I was colour matched with the shade Alabaster. Which is the lightest foundation tone. If you google image the word alabaster I don't know if I could really agree. I know I'm not Rihanna but I'm no Iggy Azalea either.

Pictured: Neither of my skin tones.
In the small cheek patch that the Clinique lady put on me, it still looked a tad dark, but we will soon know the reality and how well it truly works.

What Clinique Claims

The Beyond Perfecting Foundation is both a Foundation and a concealer. It is suppose to be full coverage, but lightweight, with a moisturising feature for dry skin. My nose tends to peel all the time, so this seems like a good addition for me and for others with this skin type. The foundation is said to last all day (12 hours), and that once blended and allowed to dry the colour will appear much lighter. 

On the official website, it says that one dip of the foundation wand holds enough foundation to cover your entire face as it goes a long way. It also will stay malleable long enough to properly blend. It is oil free, and dries with a natural matte appearance. After the foundation has dried you can tap the brush in problem areas and then blend as a built in concealer.

Let's give it a go shall we!

The Trial

hell to the no
I do not usually take photos without makeup as a general rule. My skin could be a lot worse but I have a few problem areas that I seriously would like to conceal permanently. I have leaky capillaries in my face. Which sounds creepy and I guess it sort of it, but it means I have purplely red dark circles under my eyes all the time. No matter how much sleep I may get. I also have some redness on my face, and small purple veins in my cheeks. Plus the occasional pimple outbreak here and there. I am sure I could nitpick all day but these are the main things that I like to cover with my foundation and concealer. 

I managed to find a giant silver ribbon to tie my hair back today so here we go. The only thing on my face at the moment is moisturiser. 

I used only two blobs on my entire face to start. One on each cheek. I liked the feel of it immediately, and was able to do my entire cheeks with just that amount. I then did a few smaller dots of foundation on areas that I had missed like my nose, forehead and chin. Then I blended it all in with my fingers. I really like the colour and it matches my skintone well. You can notice an immediate difference in my skin texture and a lot of problem areas are no longer visible.

For the concealer part of the foundation, you just dab on small little dots as you would any regular concealer and then blend it in with your ring finger. My notoriously dark circles are still visible to no one's surprise, but some remaining cheek spots have been covered by the concealer layer.


I am pretty happy with how the foundation turned out. It's quite decent and I would say worth the $50 AUD price tag. I am planning on using this as my day to day foundation, so only time will tell if in the long run this is a foundation that I would like to continue using. 

What foundation do you use, and do you really love it?

UPDATE: After using this foundation for a week, I am still absolutely loving it, perhaps even loving it more now that I'm getting used to it. I did find though that using a primer underneath it cause my skin to go really cakey and cracked. But it stays on long enough to not need a primer anyway. So not a deal breaker. 

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  1. I haven't tried this foundation yet, but my favourite foundation at the moment is the Clinique Acne solutions one. I don't find that it necessarily helps with breakouts, but it's one of the only foundations that works with my super oily skin. I really enjoy the Clinique makeup as a whole!


  2. This looks really lovely! I think Clinique are such a good brand for skincare but I've not tried their make up before. This is the third review I've read today of their make up though and it looks like I'm majorly missing out! x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Wow this looks amazing! Plus it's oil free which is rare to find! I have an eye condition which makes my under eyes swell up and look purple all the time so I really struggle to cover them. Your makeup looks perfect, I'm so tempted to try it.

  4. Wow! Your skin looked amazing after the foundation! I am not really fond of foundations as the previous ones I tried broke me out. I stick with BB creams because they work on my skin better than foundations. I have mostly the same skin problems as you do e.g. purple-red dark circles and pimples here and there, that some BB creams cannot conceal. After seeing your result with this foundation, I am sold. I might get it on my next salary day!

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. I think you look lovely without makeup too <3 But the Clinique foundation certainly did make you look flawless! Also wish I could rock a fringe as well as you do, it's amazing.

    Kate |

  6. I don't wear foundation (or any make-up to be honest) but this is lovely and good to know that it's worth the pricetag :)

    I feel your pain with dark circles. Seriously, every picture I try to take in a way which my dark circles and bags can't be seen - plus, the skin under my eyes is like...really veiny anyway which sucks :(

  7. Found your blog post through a link up :)

    Wow, this works really well - adding it to my wishlist! (P.s I also have leaky capillaries so you'e not alone xx)

    Pop over to my blog :)


  8. I've just stumbled across your blog and have really enjoyed this post - foundation looks beautiful by the way and I love the break down of the product.

  9. I always find it hard when getting foundation i always find that if i get them to apply it to my skin and then go back later in the day i can tell whether its good or not because the lighting outside is so much different to the lighting inside if that makes any sense haha! Good post hun x x

    jesss x

  10. Sounds like a nice foundation. I might try it!

    Ana Leote | Meet Me @ 2 am

  11. I've never really been a fan of Clinique, but this foundation sounds really good, and it looks really nice on your skin - I have those dreaded leaky capillaries as well, it's so frustrating!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  12. Oh wow, concealer looks like it has great coverage, that's exactly what I need!

    Cadaea |

  13. great blog :)

  14. You look gorgeous and I love the detailed review with pictures.
    I may just go buy this.

    1. Thanks girl! I had watched a few foundation reviews on youtube, and I wanted to kind of create a detail written review, but without creating a video. xx

  15. Hi Tegan you write a good review.. I'll certainly have a look at this one next time I buy foundation. Just one concern - if your nose peels all the time maybe get it checked for skin cancer? Don't want to frighten you but you seem too young for that to be happening.

    1. Oh man that is a bit freaky. I do get my skin checked for skin cancer yearly. I think I just have a super dry nose, but I will look into it. Thanks for the heads up! xx

  16. I've been looking for a great foundation so I might give this one a try. Thanks :)

  17. Oh I love the look of this foundation! Your skin looks flawless but still really natural! I'm always looking for new foundations to try and this has been added to the list!

    Jasmine |


Thanks so much for commenting everyone! I read and appreciate every single one of your comments! xx