Journey to a New Hair Colour

20 May 2015

The Beginning

I wasn't exactly sure what my original hair colour was, but I knew that it very clearly shone through at the top of my head and at the beginning of my bangs. For the last few now, I've dyed my hair darker because I've always seen myself as a dark haired brunette.

It wasn't until my hairdresser pointed it out at my first appointment that I realised how light my natural hair colour really was. I decided then that I would like to go back to my lighter roots.
I had gotten used to how dark my hair was now, but even I had to admit it was too dark for my complexion. With my hair even looking black in some light, which wasn't my original intention.

I had picked out a lighter colour that matched my natural growing hair, and stated that I also wanted it to have some highlights/go lighter as it got towards the ends of my hair in a sort of ombre style.


My hairdresser explained to me, much to my dismay that because my hair was so dark that it was going to be a long process, and that my hair would become very coppery if it was bleached.
She said that we could eventually reach the colour that I wanted but that it would take some time, and couldn't all be done in one day, especially if I didn't want to ruin my hair.

So here we have the first step down, bleaching the ends. For some reason in my instagram photo my hair looks super coppery. I even thought that would have been the main colour, but now today I am seeing a different shade all together. A rustier brown copper perhaps. It will be a little while before my hair is the perfect shade I want it but that's alright, I like mixing it up.

I've started using the Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo & Conditioner, which is meant to get rid of brassy tones and it is already working! My bleached ends look more natural and blended every time I use it.

For now you can follow my hair inspiration on my pinterest board.

Cya! xx

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  1. Ooooo I am up for a change in colour too, it's been too long. I am going to check out your board now :)

  2. I've always wanted a change in hair colour, but my hair is so dark that I know it would become a really ugly copper. Good luck on your transition, I bet you'll look amazing! <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  3. Good luck on your hair journey, sounds like it's going to be so beachy and cool! I recently had my ends lightened but feel that my hair is too "warm". I really want to neautralise the warmness and turn my hair blonde/brown, so I'll have to see if that shampoo is available here in the UK!

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. It is! I watched a UK Blogger do a review of it, so I'm pretty sure you can get it.

  4. I've never heard of this being a problem and I have ombre dark hair. I don't quite understand it, to be honest. So is "Brassy" a cool color and "copper" a warm color? // US Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ummm I'm not really sure to be honest lol. It's just because I wanted the entire thing to be lighter overall, and she would have to do a few layers of bleach, before putting the final colour on which would really mess up my hair. It's an adventure!

  5. It's looking good! I have dark hair too (almost black) and have wanted to go lighter but am afraid of what I would have to do in order to achieve that. I don't want to kill my hair! but ehhh maybe one day I will give in lol


  6. ohhh good luck on that! I recently died my hair too, but I went a bit crazier on the first go, got some highlights and ombre all in one day. It looks a lot nicer now that I've had it for a while, at least for my hair time makes the colour prettier :D

    Waiting to see the results when you finally get there!

    Pam Scalfi♥

  7. Eeeeep, I bet it's going to look awesome!!

    A Little Twist Of…

  8. I'd love to see how it turns out! Goodluck!! :)

  9. Really like the lighter colour on you! I had an ombré yesterday, with much darker roots. Loving it so far!

    Lucy x

  10. Oh how exciting! Love ombre--plus, it is so much easier to manage! <3
    Wish you all the best hun!

    Have a wonderful day! <3

    XOXO, HaeMin

    HAEKUNAMATA Bloglovin

  11. Love it!! Color looks great on u!!

  12. I wanna color my hair SO badly but I also love how healthy it is now and I'm terrified of ruining that by bleaching, then coloring it! But it's so good she advised to take it slow and not just bleach and dye all of it straight away. I'm excited to see how it'll turn out!

    xo Naomi in Wonderland

  13. Its looking good so far! Cant wait to follow this journey - on my way to your pinterest board now!


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