The Ultimate Blogger Photo Prop Wishlist

22 May 2015

Ultimate is probably too strong of a word. But how often do you see bloggers with their beautiful photographs, filled with pretty props that make everything work perfectly together. I wracked my brains and scaled the internet and rounded up some pretty cool items that will help bring your blog photos from drab to fab
Reclaimed Wood Tray - Anthropologie | Faux Fur Rug - Adairs | Marble Ceramic Plate - H&M | Life Journal - Kikki.K | White Horse Candle - White Horse Home | A2 Chalkboard - Typo | Home Pennant Flag - Typo |
A lot of these items give off an especially luxurious feel, especially the marble tray, faux fur rug and the candle. These can be styled in photographs to show off trinkets and beauty items. The journal is something pretty to add to photos as an extra bit of lovely. 
I really love the reclaimed wood tray because you could photograph close enough so as not to see it's a tray, just as a lovely wooden background. Perfect for rustic shots of food or any DIYs you've created. The Home banner is a nice touch to have sitting in on a photograph, and the chalkboard can be used in the background, with writing or without, or even as the base for your main prop to be photographed on. 
So tell me, what is one of your must have photo props, when you take a photo for your blog or instagram??

 I'm currently loving white backgrounds for mine, but would love to add some marble in eventually.
Have a great weekend! Cya! xx

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  1. This total is what a blogger needs. I must get one of these wooded trays!

  2. Haha yes, you're totally right! You see these pop up in so many photos

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  3. Loved this! I'm always on the lookout for blog back drops.

    Charlotte / styleaked

    1. I just purchased some white MDF board from the hardware store for $5 and it is the perfect blogger background! So cheap too! xx

  4. Very helpful post, as a new blogger I am awful at taking pictures for my blog! This is the type of inspiration I need!! (and a spiffy camera obv haha)
    -- // x

  5. Ooh I've been using the same blog background forever - and I really want to get my hands on a marble one! They're so cool.

  6. I'm absolute rubbish at taking photos and am even more trash at setting up a set for photos, but you do wonder occasionally (by occasionally I mean every darn second) how people can make their photos so beautiful, props and all! I would get all of these in a heartbeat! Haha, have a lovely weekend, Tegan!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

  7. Such a nice selection of stuff - have to get our hands on these products! Especially love the wooden trays as they would be perfect for jewellery or general storage :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  8. I really need to find something awesome like this to photograph on...even though I don't photograph products much!

    A Little Twist Of…

  9. Great post! I'm currently after a tray as a photo prop. I can't live without my white/cream artist boards which I use for backgrounds on IG and my blog.

    Emma Xx

  10. Really like the look of the wood tray! x

    Femme with Flair

  11. I always wonder how bloggers have such different pretty backgrounds for so many different posts. I always thought they just had a lot of paper lying around. Hahaha. I tend to use scarfs or a white fabric for my props but I must try to find a chalkboard and wood tray! Maybe a corkboard too!

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  12. Ooooo I really love lots of these! Thank you for sharing my love.

    Shannon from x

  13. Oh my goodness. How clever is this. I love the marble ceramic tray. I swoon over the marble every time. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  14. Really cool type of post. I just take pics where I can really, but this is good for that more professional look :)

    Pam Scalfi♥

  15. I love this list. I can relate, I always look and think heck, I really need to spruce up my apartment and get nicer decor! I actually have been looking for a chalkboard to add to my hallway so I can add my to buy list there. :)


  16. love your blog :)
    have a great weekend!

  17. Ohh this is just ideal, and I feel like a bad blogger for not owning any of these!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  18. Ooo these all look so pretty! I really want the marble tray. I'm losing inspiration for blog photos so maybe a few new props will help! Any excuse to shop really haha

  19. I was just tweeting about this, looking for a new cool statement prop to use in blog photographs. That journal is just gorgeous!

  20. this is actually so funny...I always notice that bloggers' insta photos are full of randomly pretty things and these mostly fit the bill. Awesome roundup!

  21. I've been loving natural sunlight lately, so lots of outdoors!

  22. I couldn't agree more - all of these would look wonderful on my instagram ;) Sophie xxx

  23. that wood tray would be so nice! I used to use my bed sheet as a background for photos (on my old blog) but then I started liking the white background look so I bought a cheap piece of white cardboard for like $2 and it worked well for me! ;)


  24. I have had this mental check list in my head for such a long time so to see you post this I was like yes yes yes! Thank you so much for sharing this post. Your a legend!

    G.J - A Personal Style, Beauty & Lifestyle blog.

  25. I want that marble tray so badly hahaha x

    Katina |


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